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liz lamoreux

food week 1

jonny will check in with me before heading home from work, and if he senses that i am the "i am so overwhelmed and i forgot to eat today" me, he will suggest, "chicken, rice, broccoli for dinner?"

"yes, yes, yes," i will respond.

i love how this meal always fills me up with its simplicity and goodness.

see more food-related self-portraits over at self-portrait challenge.

(this is also a photo that shows you a pretty good angle of my new nina necklace. oh how i love it - the color is THE color...)

(this photo is also in exercise in letting go of all vanity as this angle of my double-chinned neck just makes me sigh. but here, in this little corner of the world, my little corner of the world, i invite myself, in this moment, to just let it go...)