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a proud sister or a little cd release party right here on my blog

liz lamoreux

my brother (my baby brother. my "oh my goodness i am really realizing he is totally an adult" brother. my incredibly talented brother. my kind hearted brother. my brother matthew.), along with three of his pretty darn incredible friends, who together are daytime volume, have just had their first CD released.

it is called: the day we transposed

it is available: on amazon and at itunes

when he called me last year to tell me he had really finished it (not only did he play the drums and various other instruments, but he recorded all of it, produced all of it, engineered all of it, and did all the other things that happen when an album is made), it was clear he knew he had helped create something incredible. he talked about a life's work represented in eleven songs. of course, he is only 25, so he has a lot more life's work ahead of him. still, it is pretty amazing to realize all that you know and all that you hope to say and show people about what you love is contained in a little package that someone you don't even know can buy on amazon.com.

so pass the cheese tray, little stuffed mushrooms, fruit, and the cabernet (these are just some of the things i would be serving if i actually could have you over for a cd release party) and settle in and listen to some wicked cool songs.

"stop taking my picture, you are acting like a groupie"

(so i might have walked right up to him when he was playing with another band last week and taken his picture...he was just setting up and testing out the sound of the drums before they got started. i mean if i was a groupie he wouldn't have been annoyed...it was just because i am his sister...and that is what sisters do. take photos to show mom.)