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me and my golden child {self-portrait challenge}

liz lamoreux

me and my golden conehead

Working from home can be a bit lonely at times, but the Mill-dog is always here to keep me company. Her personality took some getting used to but now I can't imagine life without her sweet face.

She is my dear golden child Millie...and she is sick again. We rescued her a little over a year and a half ago, soon after we lost Traveler, and in this year and a half, she has been to the vet more times than Trav was in all the fours years I had him (not counting the last few months of his life when he had cancer).

This time...well...I don't want to embarrass her and have her give me a look like this:

having some feelings

So I will just share that she has an irritation. And when dog's have irritations they tend to lick them, and our vet decided that licking was not the way to go with this irritation. So when we are not around, she gets to wear this special head gear. I keep trying to tell her that it is fashionable, but I think it is safe to say she is pretty annoyed by the whole thing. I would be too.

Millie...my golden child...my friend...my daily companion...

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