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if you were a fly on the wall tonight

liz lamoreux

you would hear things like:

"go! go! go!"

"catch it!"

"don't you touch him..."

"get him. get him. get. him!"

and one thing i know for certain is that somewhere across this country, right there in one of those "middle states," is a man who looks a bit like me, who has a similar nose and hair and eyes, and if you were a fly on his wall you would be hearing something similar because i learned these phrases from him.

it's notre dame football season folks. and those boys are winning.

when i was a student at nd, i became a bit negative about "domers" and some of the ego that sits on that campus. but as a kid, i loved that place and the football and basketball teams as though those boys were members of my family. my dad went there; i couldn't wait to get there. (sidenote: the education i got there was incredible and i would do it all again, but i never fit in there. ever.)

but last year, i caught that football fever and enjoyed watching when i could. and this year, i plan to do the same. i found my inner domer. and darn it if that ain't some kind of fun.

"go! go! go! go! go!"

and they did.

(and the away games are on often on abc, like tonight, and that means a commercial for grey's anatomy. that patrick dempsey is some kind of cute.)