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with my jonny {self-portrait challenge}

liz lamoreux

me and jonny

We have a secret phrase we say to each other so we always know one of us isn't a clone (hee, hee...yes, we watch too many sci-fi movies). It is the response to the phrase that is the key. Whenever this phrase comes up it is when we are looking eye-to-eye like we are here.

We have a secret handshake. Every few months we add another step. By the time we have been married twenty years, it will probably take us ten minutes to complete all the steps.

We have silly names for each other. I call him Stinkbug. He calls be Lady Belle. (No, he doesn't stink. It just started because I love that word stink. Isn't it fun to say? Seriously. Say it out loud. Love it.)

We annoy each other. I have been known to start singing songs about how annoyed I am...only to, of course, become the annoying.

We crack each other up. We think we are the funniest people we know.

We never forget one another. Even though life creeps in and invites stress, we are learning to remember that we have one another for support. We are realizing always we have to do is lean back a bit and the other person is right there.

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