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good morning monday

liz lamoreux

Paul Simon's new album (and guess what [she says with a whisper], as of two hours ago we will be singing along with Paul Simon in person Friday night. not with an image of him in my mind...no with him. yipppppeeeeee!!!!)

Marc Broussard's "Home" because i just can't get enough of it. i dare you not to dance/sing along when you hear this song.

grey's anatomy (because what else would you watch?)

disc four of oprah's twentieth anniversary DVD collection (netflix. it's a good thing.)

season one of the office (netflix. gotta love it.)

dinner for five, season one (you guessed it. my friend. netflix.)

a wondrous article, really it is almost a small book, about Bill Clinton in The New Yorker (how i wish we could do away with the 22nd amendment for four years and bring him back).

(finally) some Poetry Thursday posts and other blogs. i have been so busy lately with work and life and stuff that i haven't been able to read blogs as much as usual over the past few weeks. i had a little time this weekend to read a few and it was wondrous.

a purse or two. i have my first commission (thank you a.) and will get started on it soon! so exciting. i have purchased some gorgeous fabric in the last few months and can't wait to create some bags from all the succulent colors and patterns.

time with my dad and his girlfriend. they are visiting and we have had a great time so far. tomorrow they go down to portland to visit my brother. then back up this way later in the week. it is so much fun to share our favorite places with them.

cuddling on the couch with millie the pooch. she keeps me company as i work late into the night some nights.

the fact that my little office/studio is almost done. i am getting there. organizing ain't as easy as some of you folks make it seem. (and anyone who wants to come help me figure out the rest of it is welcome any time. i promise to feed you tea and cake.

the ponzu salmon bowl at anthony's. oh yummy.

peanut butter on toast. (i am that easy. yep. just love it.)

pumpkin doughnuts at starbucks (have you tried one? oh my goodness.)

genmaichi (green tea with brown rice). oh it is some kind of good.

a strawberry mango margarita that just makes a person so happy. i enjoyed two last night as we watched the notre dame game at a restaurant/bar in seattle (we couldn't get the game at our house). it made the game go down a little easier since we were plainly going to lose. except for the part where they won as we were driving home in the car. so glad they won. so sad we missed it!

it is fall and that means pumpkin spice soy lattes. i just can't get enough. i just can't get enough.

a new dishwasher!!! one of the many great things about having parents visit is that they sometimes buy you things you need...like a dishwasher! i spent part of yesterday morning contorted inside ours, unscrewing things and cleaning out the "self-cleaning filter." oh it was some kind of gross. i mean really. imagine the stuff you clean out of your drain only with food that has been in there for years. ugh. triple ugh. so after breakfast tomorrow my dad is taking me to get a new one. hee, hee. love it!

going shopping on thursday with my dad's girlfriend. this is really the first tiem we have done something just the two of us and i think it will be fun. it will be great to show her around seattle. i am getting excited about/greatly anticipating a fun weekend i have coming up in november and i want to get a few things for it.

about the time i spent with maureen in seattle on friday. oh i just adore this woman. i will share a bit more soon...

about the letter i wrote to my teenage self last week. i think i am going to write a few more to myself a different ages. a very interesting, thought-provoking exercise. and most of all, this practice was very healing. healing wasn't my intention when i wrote it, but it is permeating from it i think. i keep thinking about that girl who would receive this letter as someone who is really out there. i keep wondering what she is thinking when she reads these words. kind of crazy i realize, yet i feel she is there...because...of course...she is.

the way my husband just loves me. even when i bug him. he just loves me.

meeting bloggers is one of my favorite past times i think. i just love it. all of you who i have met and talked to and emailed with during these past few months...well...you just fill up my spirit. thank you.