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my body as an enclosed space {self portrait challenge}

liz lamoreux

trapped in my body

This week, my body prevents me from physically tucking inside an enclosed space and taking a picture for this month's self portrait challenge of tight spaces.

My body is my enclosed space this week. The aches in my back, hip, and down my leg have invited me to feel trapped in my own body. This body is used to stretching and bending and reaching and twisting. I love to forward bend in my yoga practice. I love to teach forward bending. I love to exhale into twists and feel my body open as I move out of the twist. But right now, my body cannot do any of this.

Tomorrow, I will meet with my yoga teacher in the hopes of freeing myself from some of this body claustrophobia. I keep singing that Queen song..."I want to break free....I want to break free." Yes. Three days of feeling trapped in my body is enough for me.