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random thoughts on my mind...

liz lamoreux

Right now, the man who is doing some sort of work on the house across the street (and has been for a while now) is stretched out, prone, on their roof soaking in the sun. It cracks me up. I wonder if the retirees who live in the house, who are always looking out the window, are thinking "where'd he go?" Because I am camped out at the dining room table (I am often on the couch instead...my back likes the couch better than a chair when I am using my laptop but because I have to use a mouse for this current project and because I am working 12-16 hours days on said laptop I have to be able to see out the window and this room has the best light), I can chuckle out loud at a man sunning himself on a roof across the street.

This week, I have been listening to Deb Talan's CD "a bird flies out" over and over and over. If you are on a journey...

to find yourself
through grief or sadness
of awakening
looking for love
realizing you have wings
...well, my friends, this is the CD for you. You should buy it/download it right now (and when you do, you should come back and tell me all about it). If you already own it, go turn it on. Right now. These songs have filled me up this week. Filled me up. I keep listening to Talan's sweet voice with headphones on and I just sing along. Out loud as though I am in concert with her (my husband is so patient with me and my little quirks). I feel like her lyrics have just stopped right in front of me, peeked inside my soul, and given me the gift I needed this week.

When I work for this many hours, and late into the night, I dream in Word. Literally. Last night I was trying to figure out how to fit myself (as in me, the person, me) inside a bullet point in a document in Word. I think I need to sit in a dark room with an eyepillow over my eyes and just a quiet CD of chanting playing in the background. For about five hours.

I keep thinking of that poem "Persimmons" I posted the link to for Poetry Thursday. That poem is incredible. Even if you aren't "into" poetry...or you don't like long poems...take a moment to read it out loud. It might change your life (those last lines...his father's words...they will haunt me forever).

Storypeople. Some of you noticed the Brian Andreas prints behind me in my self-portraits this week. I am a bit of a collector (we have a lot more than these four...you don't even want to know how many). Right after my parents separated in 1995, my mother and I found Andreas' work in a little shop in Berea, KY. I had also just discovered Sark's books. The combination of these two amazing, creative, soulful artists changed my life. With Storypeople, I have found that there are stories that speak to me at different times in my life. I have given some prints away when it seems that they have spent enough time with me, and someone else needs them. (But the sculptures, well, the sculptures I don't give away but I have loaned one with that same idea in mind.) If ever you stop by for a visit, one activity I would love to do is sit down with some Storypeople books and read the stories out loud. Oh yes. That is one of my most favorite things to do. You take a couple of books, I take a couple, we share the ones that invite us to laugh out loud, nod in agreement, sigh, tear up a bit, the ones that speak to our souls. We can drink tea or wine and have cookies and cheese. Until then though, you could go to the website and let me know which stories you love. (And if you want to know some of my favorites email me.)

Oh and an update on my brother the rock star. He is living in Portland doing the rock star thing. His pet project Daytime Volume (he is also the drummer in the band) has just been signed to a label in Portland. They will be playing at the CMJ Music Marathon in NYC in October. Very cool. But before then, you can hear them in Portland next month! Check out their myspace page.