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{SPT} i'm an artist, "april fool"

liz lamoreux

i am an artist,

These are my hands with ink under my nails soaking up the energy from this piece I created in my workshop with Anahata Katkin. I promise to go into more detail but it was my Saturday workshop and in my stories about ArtFest I am only on Thursday (and yes, I will write more about Thursday later today). But here is a preview of Saturday:

During the afternoon of this workshop, these phrases were going through my head: i am an artist. this is amazing. i am an artist. who do i think I am? this is hideous. i want to crawl under the table and weep. how cool is this? i am amazing. i hate this color. why did i take this class? black...i have never used black before. i hate black. ohhhh, i love black, that looks so cool. who do i think i am? i am so lost. this morning was amazing...and this...this is crap. i cannot capture the feelings on the page. i am an artist! april fool...
but i learned...i can be whomever i want to be. so, today, i am an artist.

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