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on a lighter note

liz lamoreux

I am enjoying Boston Legal right now. I love this show. I started watching it one Tuesday night when Ali mentioned that she was looking forward to watching it later that evening. So I tuned in to check it out.
And now I admit that I enjoy every minute of it. Laughing at the craziness of the world of this lawfirm. I cannot believe what happens to these people. Cracking up out loud, but trying to be quiet so I do not wake-up the husband down the hall. And I have been known to sit with my mouth slightly open because there are moments that shocking. Oh I love it! My favorite part though is the music in between the scenes. The deep "mmms" of the singers. How to explain that one if you don't watch...just imagine deep bluesy sounds that aren't words but are very sultry. Almost like a human saxophone.
Tonight I have decided that I want those sultry sounds between the moments in my life. Imagine, you take the dirty dishes to the kitchen and begin to fill the dishwasher. As you close the dishwasher door, the chorus sings "mmhhmmhmm." You finish reading a wonderful email from a friend. Hhhhmmmmm. You put a pan of enchiladas in the oven. Yeaaahhhhhmmm. You turn on the water for a hot bath. Ooohhhmmmumm. You pull up to the drive-through espresso window. Mmmmhhhmmmm. You slip between the sheets of your bed and spoon up against your already sleeping husband. Ummmhummm.
Love this. Hearing a chorus sing during the little vignettes of your life.