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sleepy thoughts...

liz lamoreux

...on a sunday night.

I am not alone. I am not alone in my feelings about Bush. I was worried about putting my naked feelings out there. I haven't really ever walked the line of politics on my blog. Because even though my views make up a big part of me, they are not the one thing I want to be identified by in this world that can seem so polorized. (and really, how well do you know someone just reading her blog everyday? people make so many assumptions. but, i guess you were safe assuming that this yoga teacher who migrated from a RED state to a BLUE state might just be a bit blue herself. it is, afterall, my favorite color.) Thank you for leaving comments so I know that I am not alone in my inability to put Bush up on my altar. And no, I didn't suddenly cut out a picture of him and put it anywhere near where I meditate. However, I have put the idea out into the universe, so maybe we can all think about less hate and more compassion.

I spent the last two days at a yoga workshop about yoga therapy with the Mohans. Incredible. My mind is still processing it all. My favorite phrase from the weekend: The mind is the corrupt prime-minister of the body.

I am getting things ready for ArtFest! I cannot believe I am going in three short days (well, really 2 1/2 now!). Please know this: I am behind in reading all the blogs I enjoy so much (see list at right). I am sorry about this because I hate missing all of your words, inspiration, and knowing what is going on in your worlds. I will be playing catch up next week because I am treading water in the deep end right now, looking for my water wings (ok, interesting image, I mean I am simply super busy). Know that I am thinking about all of you. Yes. I. Am. And appreciate you "stopping by to have tea with me" for a few seconds here.

I cannot believe The West Wing is ending. I cannot believe that I will be crying over the death of Leo soon. I have not fully mourned the loss of John Spencer because in my mind, Leo is still alive. I love this show. I wish it was real my world. I wish Hawkeye Pierce or Matt Santos could be my President. I still have the Newsweek cartoon that came out after the 2000 election where they showed Martin Sheen beating out Bush and Gore. For the last 7 years I have held on to the fact that for one night a week, Jed Bartlett was my President. I feel about this show the way my mom felt about MASH. (We love Alan Alda in this family.)

Okay, this sleep-deprived woman must get to bed now...