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{SPT} tea time, sushi, and pj's

liz lamoreux

tea time week 3

Another week of this daily self-reflection...self-acceptance.
It is getting easier. (a tiny bit easier). I like that I felt happy when most of these pictures were taken. Though I admit that it was hard not to crack up as I took these. Something about posing in front of that polaroid has just made me giddy this week. But that soons goes away. I take a sip. Then I breathe in and I breathe out. Watching the picture of me, my face, my huge face, develop before me. Breathe in, notice the mind. Breathe out, let go again. And again. And again.

I have been editing an online course for the last two days, so I have review quizzes on the brain. Here is a little mix and match game for you. Match the picture with the sentiment.

(Warming up after a day of flea market finds, half-price books, and walks outside.)

(Yes, I was tired, but not that tired. Right now though, I feel like I look in that one.)

(Taking a quick break before searching for more information about ArtFest. Have you heard? I am going!)

(I am as tired as I look. And still wearing pj's as noon aproaches. Though I have actually showered but just decided to put the pj's back on.)

(No, we do not have the ugliest couch in America. In fact, I am in a booth at our favorite Japanese restaurant I Love Bento. After a long, long, long day, Jon and I went out for sushi and this was finally a time when we could both take a deep breath. And I could enjoy my favorite tea in all the world.)

(The house may be quiet, but I am snuggling in for a night of blogging and my new green tea with brown rice.)

(Edna Mode is on the otherside of this mug. Do you know her? Find out who she is and study her ways.)