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the happy dance

liz lamoreux

Last night, I had a wonderful moment while painting for this week's Inspire Me Thursday challenge. I realized that I just want to experience this. ArtFest! The deadline has passed for signing up. But. I decided to email Teesha Moore anyway and see if there was a little tiny chance that I could still be a part of this event. And....this morning...she emailed...and said YES! Oh I am so happy. I have literally been dancing around the house singing "I am sooo happpyyeeeee, I am soooooo happyyyyeeee!"

I remembered that Kim said she was going, and I have connected with her. This is her first time too. We talked today and she was explaining the artist trading that happens. Oh my. She had the great idea that I do something with the senses, like the posts that I write here weekly. The brainstorming has begun.

On a sidenote, this moment of deciding to go to ArtFest was precipitated by a delightful conversation I had with Melanie. I had a dream two weeks ago that I emailed her about helping with just Be... So in my waking life, I did email her. And the brainstorming has begun. (If you want to help with this brainstorming or add your ideas, please head over to her site.)

If you are going to ArtFest, please leave a comment (or email me) and let me know. I would love to connect with you there. And if you have been to ArtFest...please leave a comment (or email me) and tell me more, tell me more...