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hooray for you (a little challenge)

liz lamoreux

I am heading to Los Angeles later today for a quick long weekend trip. Inspired by Ellen’s show yesterday, I want to challenge you to something while I am gone:

To say something positive.

About yourself.


Right now.

Think about it for a moment.

Let it be a strong statement full of beauty and truth.

I challenge you to even leave it here in the comments so you can declare it in writing (if you want to leave it anonymously, that’s okay, go ahead and do that).

I challenge you to say it out loud. To you. Declare it to yourself. And after you say it, I want you to imagine a huge auditorium full of people applauding. Imagine all of us out here in blog world giving you a standing ovation for your bravery and truth.

(I know, I know it sounds silly, but I ask you to do this. For you. Right. Now. We spend so much time letting the negative self talk take over. Just for today, seek the positive.)