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good morning (okay, afternoon) monday {december 4}

liz lamoreux

just a note to say why i do these Monday posts. i like the idea of checking in with myself in this way, as though i am somewhat holding myself accountable for what i do with all my time. i spend so much of my time alone and i sometimes wonder where all that time goes. during the weeks when i was ill and resting last month, i found myself realizing that i can just stop and take a nap, that the world continues if i am not working during every free minute of my day, and that taking notice of the people, books, poems, animals, movies, foods, hobbies, moments and so on that surround me fills me up in the best of ways. i want to be able to look back and see what inspired me, made me happy, caused me to push myself, frustrated me…and i like that through the blogging medium i can do this in a way that also connects with others (who might be singing the same songs or who might want to investigate a new poet or who might have suggestions for me to expand who i am or who might want to join me for a latte).


about the evening jon and i spent with david whyte. we attended a poetry reading/talk he gave in seattle friday. i keep hearing the cadence of his voice in my head. and i continue to hear it whenever i turn to one of his poems. he one of the first poets who made poetry accessible to me, but i had only read his poems here and there on other blogs. a few months ago, i bought my first book of his poetry and i can't stop reading his words. (and after friday's vendor table i now have three more books and four cds. yep, i just can't stop.)

about the odd experience we had watching the new james bond movie. it was quite good (if you like movies like that, which i do). was really the best bond movie i have seen. daniel craig (and the script) made bond human...and you believe that he could save you from anything. a combination that makes the movie interesting (to men and women). but during this horrific torture scene, the audience starting laughing. to put it into context, bond is using sarcasm to indicate that he isn’t going to “break” or tell the torturer any information. but, the scene isn’t funny. at all. it was a disturbing moment of human beings not knowing what to do with the feelings that were coming up in the uncomfortable-ness of it all and the effect other people have on one another. i can't imagine any of thoes people would have busted up laughing if they were alone in the theatre. (have you seen it? did the audience at your theatre do this?)

about dr. oz on oprah. i am trying to eat a better breakfast (not just cereal that i thought was a “smart start” but really has sugar as the fourth ingredient) filled with protein and fiber. (okay, today i had eggs and turkey bacon and wheat toast…but i wasn’t sleepy and i am not hungry yet.) i asked for his books for christmas. if only i would have had this one a month ago.

about the kim family, a family from the bay area who have been missing for over a week now. kati kim is known by people in the crafty/artsy blogging community; she runs two boutiques in SF. our local news keep running stories about them. for more information go here. [update at 3:30 pm: according to our local news, Kati and children have been found alive. the search continues for her husband james.]

about crystals used for healing and meditation. jon and i went to the east west bookshop last weekend and i bought a few with specific intentions and i would like to incorporate them into my daily practice/life, but i am not quite sure how to do that. i bought the crystal bible and it does have some wonderful information, but i am still not quite sure how i should literally “use” them. i welcome any suggestions/books/websites and so on. thanks.


the artwork and words at inside a black apple. i love the prints she has for sale in her etsy shop (great Christmas gifts).

this (somewhat random) site i found when searching for a recipe for kale. if you sometimes find yourself with produce that you aren’t sure what to do with because you bought too much or you get an organic delivery like us or you want to try something new, check it out as it has some delightful recipes listed (and they are listed by fruit/veggie).


a playlist that includes: deb talan, paul simon, the indigo girls, feist, kenny rogers, loreena mckennitt, conway twitty & loretta lynn, cowboy junkies, tina turner…


poems from David Whyte’s book, “Songs for Coming Home.” my eyes fill with tears again and again. (i have to remind myself to breathe…but i am reminded again that i am not alone.)


some christmas presents. i love fabric.


peanut butter on graham crackers.

sushi. we have had sushi almost twice a week for the last three weeks. i keep thinking of the good salmon eating up all ill cells in my body.


next weekend. i am going to LA for the first time to visit my friend dear friend heather. it is a spur of the moment trip and i will only be there for about two and a half days. but the price was right and we simply need to see each other. and those two things are a good combination.

studio 60 on the sunset strip tonight. that show just makes me happy.

drinking my first gingerbread latte later today when i stop at starbucks after some grocery shopping.


that i have given myself permission to take 20 minute naps when i get tired.

filling the house up with candlelight. on a pacific-northwest day like this one, you can wake up and light them because it looks like it is already 4 p.m. outside. to light the candle with intention and then to say a blessing as you blow it out…this is part of my daily ritual. (my favorite candles are carla’s over at zena moon. we will be placing our holiday order soon!)

time spent together curled up on the couch reading, listening to music, watching a movie. my heart is at home in these moments.