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A few (okay 100) things I have done in the last 48 hours

liz lamoreux

  1. Checked my email.
  2. Felt warm and snuggly in my house under only one afghan.
  3. Watched Survivor.
  4. Put on my pajamas (only one layer).
  5. Brainstormed a few more crafty Christmas presents.
  6. Turned off the light before turning over to go to sleep.
  7. Opened my eyes wide when rain started to blow sideways against the bedroom window.
  8. Let Millie up on the bed because she was wandering from my side of the bed to Jon’s side in a nervous puppy pace.
  9. Got up to turn on the news to see what they were saying about the weather.
  10. Said to Jon, “If we hear a tree start to fall, I want us to quickly roll off the bed onto the floor.” (he humored me and said it was a smart idea).
  11. Looked out the window to see the wind blow.
  12. Got back into bed to snuggle with Jonny and Millie.
  13. Watched the numbers on my clock go to blank.
  14. Watched the numbers on my clock turn back on.
  15. Got out of bed to look out the front window and get a flashlight.
  16. Put on a pair of socks and got back into bed.
  17. Saw huge sparks fly from a transformer on the power line near our backyard.
  18. Watched the numbers on my clock go to blank.
  19. Happily let Jonny get out of bed to get two more covers for us and fell asleep again.
  20. Woke up with Jon to figure out if he had school.
  21. Looked for the corded phone for twenty minutes.
  22. Found another flashlight and lit five candles.
  23. Got back into bed.
  24. Contemplated heating soup in the new fondue pot my boss sent us for Christmas.
  25. Realized I had no idea how to call my boss since her phone number was on my computer.
  26. Went back to sleep for a couple of hours.
  27. Figured out how to call my boss (she was great and just said “enjoy the day”).
  28. Listened to Jon call places until he found someplace that was open and had heat.
  29. Got out of bed and did a jig when realized the hot water heater was still working (it. is. gas. equals. hot. water. yippeeeee.).
  30. Went to Fridays for some food and then the mall (we thought we were going to be sneaky and get Christmas shopping done…along with thousands of other people who watched the numbers on their alarm clocks go blank. it was crazy.).
  31. Went home to check on Millie and the power (still off).
  32. Realized one of our neighbors lost a huge fir tree (thank goodness it fell to the street and not on their house).
  33. Lit candles and put on four layers of clothing (including a new sweatshirt from old navy. merry Christmas to me).
  34. Got in bed under five layers of covers.
  35. Watched Jon realize that he didn’t have his iPod.
  36. Got up and helped Jon look for iPod (could not find it).
  37. Blew out candles and put on shoes.
  38. Went to Jon’s school to see if he left it there (found out school was still locked because of no power).
  39. Went to fred meyer (grocery store) even though they had no power. bought nutter butters, pound cake, bread, cheetos, chocolate doughnuts, water, five candles, dog food for Millie.
  40. Sat in the passenger seat as Jon drove toward home through streets with no lights.
  41. Decided to eat dinner at our favorite sushi restaurant (they never lost power).
  42. Drank three mugs of tea and felt so very warm.
  43. Sighed as we realized our neighborhood was still dark.
  44. Saw a truck from the power company in our neighborhood.
  45. Felt really hopeful.
  46. Walked over all the debris on the front walk.
  47. Put pajama pants back on.
  48. Lit ten candles (thank goodness for zena moon).
  49. Got back into bed and thought about how this is kind of like a romantic adventure.
  50. Saw the lights from a power company truck shining through the window of our bedroom.
  51. Kept watching the clock, hopeful that it was going to turn on any second.
  52. Played several rounds of ziggity (a card game by the makers of cranium).
  53. Let Millie on the bed (selfishly so she could keep us warm).
  54. Read the New Yorker.
  55. Listened to NPR.
  56. Ate a nutter butter.
  57. Blew out all but two candles.
  58. Ate another nutter butter.
  59. Fell asleep (woke up every now and then to confirm that yes, indeed, the numbers on the alarm clock were still blank).
  60. Slept for eleven hours.
  61. Woke up to put on more socks (power still off).
  62. Walked out to the living room to look at the thermostat (48 degrees).
  63. Went back to bed and read more of the New Yorker and then slept for a few more hours (yes, Jonny was sleeping too).
  64. Ate some doughnuts and wished for coffee or tea.
  65. Thought about calling my grandma to let her know how we were doing (then realized that I, of course, cannot).
  66. Fell asleep again.
  67. Woke up and called the electric company but was on hold for over thirty-five minutes so finally gave up.
  68. Sighed because it was simply too cold to do anything in the house but stay under the covers.
  69. Contemplated opening the Christmas gifts from my mom (didn’t).
  70. Decided to get up and shower (thank goodness for hot water).
  71. Was warm for the first time in fifteen hours.
  72. Lamented about the fact that I have no idea how I will finish Christmas presents (contemplated taking the sewing machine to Starbucks and working there).
  73. Had several silly arguments with my husband (the bed was really not big enough for us to spend twenty hours in it frozen like popsicles...romatic adventure over).
  74. Slept for another thirty minutes (I think but really had no sense of time).
  75. Realized, along with my husband, that it was three p.m. and we had only eaten doughnuts all day.
  76. Decided to go out and get warm.
  77. Apologized to Millie that she couldn’t go.
  78. Got dressed (and thought that it would be a good idea to put my clothes in the dryer to warm them up but realized I, of course, could not do that).
  79. Heard Jon say that we better get power soon or he was going to run out of underwear (to which I replied, “check the dryer” [phew]).
  80. Went with Jonny to get some food.
  81. Went to Barnes and Noble and looked through lots of crafty books (and bought one).
  82. Drank a huge warm coffee (gingerbread soy latte).
  83. Went to Joann fabric (to get some fleece to make more presents).
  84. Decided that if the power was still out tomorrow we would go to a hotel.
  85. Felt the warmth of the heated seats in the car and thought that it might be a good idea to sleep in the car tonight.
  86. Realized that the stoplight by our house was working.
  87. Saw lights on in our neighborhood (started getting excited).
  88. Saw our outside light on (started doing a jig in the car).
  89. Started thanking the electric company aloud.
  90. Walked inside to a house that was a balmy 53 degrees.
  91. Turned on some lights.
  92. Turned on my laptop.
  93. Thought about how we had been a bit melodramatic about this experience (and was thankful again that we have power and that the heater is whirring away).
  94. Drank some hot tea.
  95. Said a prayer with Jonny for the people who still do not have power.
  96. Brainstormed a few more crafty Christmas presents.
  97. Put on my pajamas (only two layers).
  98. Watched Battlestar Galactica (and cried a little).
  99. Felt (kind of) warm and snuggly in my house under only one afghan.
  100. Checked my email (and wrote this blog post).