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just let me pout for a few minutes, well only after i tell you the good news

liz lamoreux

First, on a non-pouting note: We did hear from my doctor today and had some positive results from one test. Positive meaning the news was good. So that is good. Very, very good. Still don't really know what is going on...but at least some good news (which means we have ruled out at least one thing that would have been bad, bad news). So celebrate good times...

Now, on to the pout: In about an hour and a half, I was to be sitting on the edge of my seat, ready to see "The Gambler" perform and hear him sing Christmas songs and some of his classic tunes. But I am here on my couch, in Washington, instead of getting ready in Indiana...so I will not be hearing Kenny Rogers sing this evening. And that is making me pout a bit...and I kind of want to pout. So, I am. I will get over it in a few minutes, especially because in a few minutes I am going to start making the day after Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving dinner for me and jonny and millie. And more good food...well, that is good. (and of course, the good news in the first paragraph above has not been forgotten...bring on the cranberry sauce from a can...and the stuffing...and the WINE.)

happy day after thanksgiving everybody!