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if you were a fly on our wall tonight...

liz lamoreux

"do you see meeko? do you see her? she is way cuter than that guy."
"eek! they are so little. i think those guys are way to young to play this game."
"are you lookin' at her? are you?"
"oh god. totally a tie."
"sorry guys. you both lose points because your humans can't take good pictures."
"yeah, we don't like the hairless ones."
"do you think they have one for dogs? see if they have one for dogs?"

followed by

"that one is creepy."
"oh it's a golden. we have to vote for all goldens."
"no! i like charlie. charlie is C-U-T-E!" "no. those dogs creep me out." "fine...it's a draw."
"that dog has the same name as my grandmother." (long pause.)
"kitten wars is way more fun." "yeah, i don't know why, but you are right."

so back to

"we have discovered that kittens are more photogenic." "yep."
"i am falling asleep now." "just a few more."
"it's 11:30" "fine."

(yes, this is how jon and spent our "late night" friday night time together. first we went to kittenwar, followed by puppywar, followed by, that's right, kittenwar again. good times. go ahead. you will agree. and you too will be surprised how sixty minutes just fly right by!)