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good morning monday {october 23}

liz lamoreux


I am one of those people who hums along with instrumental music. I have been known to make up sounds that are words to this music…I have been spending time with the soundtracks from The Hours and Chocolat lately. Just love how those soundtracks put your right back into the movies.


Don Juan DeMarco. One of my all-time favorite movies. I have probably seen it at least twenty times. In college, I used to watch it almost weekly (okay so maybe more than twenty times). I hadn’t seen it in a few years, and as I was sewing this weekend, I recited the lines along with Mr. Depp and Mr. Brando. It has one of my favorite last lines of all time.

The first season of House (I am through the first four episodes. This is one creepy, good show.)

Sense and Sensibility. Another movie I have seen over and over again. My two favorite moments: When Marianne call to Col Brandon in the doorway; she is in bed ill and has just started to get better. How his face changes, ever so slightly, (don’t blink you will miss it) when she says thank you. That look = hope. I lost a piece of my heart to Alan Rickman the first time I saw that movie (yes, I do mean Snape…he is so good). My other favorite moment is when Eleanor spontaneously combusts into tears when she realizes Edward is not married. I love her reaction. Pure emotion. Beautiful.


I must be honest that I have mostly just been reading my work (I am an editor). And I have spent a few minutes with a two-week-old Entertainment Weekly.


Purses! I will have show and tell soon…

Pictures with my camera. Walking around Point Defiance Park Friday afternoon has reminded me of all the gorgeous colors in the world. So many gorgeous colors and textures. (Point Defiance Park was where I snapped those photos of the roses I posted this weekend. It is an incredible park right on Puget Sound. Our delightful zoo is there so I could actually hear elephants as I took pictures.)


Last year at this time I took my camera with me everywhere, always thinking about what pictures to post here on this blog. The photos I took last Friday are reminding me of that feeling.


Listening to my golden retriever snore. Really, I love that sound.

A couple of delightful phone conversations with Alexandra this weekend. She called to let me know she did try the pumpkin doughnut at Starbucks. You, yes you, you should go try one too! (Oh and Alexandra – I did try the maple coffee drink…oh my goodness.)


All these gorgeous veggies and fruits. I love Tiny’s! Any thoughts on what to make with bok choy?


And I have been inspired to actually start cooking again. Started with Ina’s turkey meatloaf. (yummy)


A maple macchiato from Starbucks. (No they don’t pay me to advertise…but it is hard to escape that place out here. So good.)


A visit from some dear friends…in just a few short days.


About the lovely afternoon I spent with Letha on Saturday. We wandered through Ballard (a delightful Seattle neighborhood full of fun stores and cafes. They have so many coffee shops! (Oh I bought some shoes I will have to model for you!)

About how to redo the template of this blog so that I can post larger pictures without the sidebar being knocked down to the bottom of the screen. Any suggestions? On the same note: Has anyone switched from blogger to another blog host and been able to move their archives? If yes, please let me know how you did it. (thanks!)


A house full of candlelight. Last year at about this time, I read a blog post about how someone in this neck of the woods starts lighting candles before dusk so that the house is full of candlelight when it starts getting dark so early. Then as she walks around the house blowing them out before going to bed, she says blessings for people in her life. I have started doing this as well. It makes the house so yummy and cozy and warm. And blessings are always a good thing.

What have you been up to?