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good morning monday {october 2}

liz lamoreux


as you might have guessed, i am still singing paul simon.


disc five of oprah's twentieth anniversary DVD collection.

studio 60 on the sunset strip. (it is on tonight. oh yeah. it is on tonight.)

doctor who. (okay, it is really jon’s show. i don’t love it like he does. but i watched it with him all the same.)


pure style living by jane cumberbatch.

the poetry of anna swir.

this beautiful post by pixie.


still creating purses! (not that much farther than i was last week, but i am getting there.)


spending half the day in my pajamas watching tv and reading blogs. love sundays.


doughnuts and jam for dessert at The Dahlia Lounge in Seattle. i am still talking about them. it was quite an amazing experience. (i kept quoting Joey from Friends - doughnuts? jam? "I say put your hands together.")

amazing cheese from this italian deli maureen introduced me to when she was here. take a sweet cracker and top with a blue cheese-esque, roquefort, gargonzola blended cheese, a walnut, and a dollop of mango chutney.

scallops and prawns on the grill.


pumpkin spice soy lattes.


the arrival of our new appliances today and the installation tomorrow. (not just the dishwasher but a new stove and microwave. could this BE any more exciting??)

the first episode of battlestar galactica on Friday night. (yes, we like sci-fi in this house.)


about the time i spent with my dad and his girlfriend when they were here. a nice time had by all.

about the way my husband takes care of me. (thank you sweetie.)


this blog and this blog.

hanky panky underwear. (here’s the scoop. they are one size fits all. they actually have a larger size but i found it to be a bit too big for me. however, how can you not love a company that has sexy underwear for all sizes??!! i have seven pairs now. one for each day of the week you ask? ahh…yes! I have been searching for sexy underwear that fits! and is also comfortable! and can be worn with lower rise pants but still cover my belly! [though I would avoid the super, duper low rise that they have unless you don’t want to cover much. which is okay, but not for me. i am wearing the regular thongs.] yes. it is a thong. but, no, it does not become “floss” and you don’t even notice it is a thong. because it isn’t a typical thong. I can even wear them doing yoga and I don’t notice them at all. they also have boy shorts that I will try soon. if you are thinking “nope, not for me” send me an email [not kidding] because i think you need a pair. just one. just try them. they might change your life a bit. i am trying to bring the sexy into my life [since it seems to have moved states] and this is the first step.)