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liz lamoreux

A poetry reading

I gave a poetry reading
this morning,
in the bathtub.
Not my words, but the words of another.
Mary Oliver.
If thoughts of poetry make you nervous, start here.
She will liberate the expectations.
My audience was the shampoo, soap,
yellow rubber duck, purple poof,
a blue candle.
The flame bobbed in time with the cadence of my voice
rich, strong, clear in the cavern of the tub.
Rhythm of words. Pause. Intake of breath. A hint of laughter. Pause.
Turn the page.
Lines began to resonate. A peek into the soul of another.
But then I found the one I was sent to find this morning
to read aloud in the quiet still water of the tub.
Pause. Read again. Pause.
And the resonance became a vibration
deep within my heart.
The reflected understanding,
a glimpse inside my soul.

"and here I am too, in front of it,
hardly able to see for the flash and the brightness"

(line above from the poem "Something" by Mary Oliver in the collection Why I Wake Early)