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checking in {life and AW}

liz lamoreux

As you may have guessed from yesterday's post, I am on a trip. Training today for an editing project I am working on with a group of fantastic women. Because I am back in Indiana, I have been able to spend some time with my mom. Lucky me, I get to join her later this afternoon when she meets with her attorney to discuss her will. How am I old enough that my mom wants me to go with her to talk about her will? Yesterday, we did have some fun shopping at the mall I call Keystone at the Crossing - two new outfits from JJill as my early (very early) birthday present.

As for AW. I am behind. Very behind. I take a breath. Last week was intense for many reasons and I left on Saturday for this trip, going back home tomorrow. I am tired. The thought of getting up early when I am already dealing with a three hour time change is more than I can deal with. So I let go of the morning pages. Hope to write them tonight, maybe tomorrow in the airport. I brought AW with me so that I can read Week 4 and finish the Week 3 tasks, begin Week 4 tasks. But if all of that has to wait until this weekend...I take another breath. I am still excited and committed to this process, but life does sneak into my plans. And I have to let that go. Guilt, panic, guilt, shame. Letting go of this is part of the process...at least my process. (And can taking a hot shower followed by a long nap be my artist's date this week? I am so tired with the time change and lack of sleep due to an uncomfortable bed, new surroundings in this hotel, late night arrivals, and late night conversations. I admire all you parents out there with young kids who sleep so little. You are amazing people.)