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why i love this man

liz lamoreux

because he takes the dog out when it is cold and dark...always.
because he brings laughter into my life.
because he invites me to look at the world in a new way. every day.
because he recognizes something in me that I didn't think even existed.
because he loves science and wants to share it with others.
because he is crabby pants man in the morning but then he will laugh or smile because of me. I love that moment when I help him remember who he is.
because he is patient with all of my stuff...that stuff of life we deal with.
because he loves it when I sing.
because he embraces the spiritual journey I am on without judgement.
because even though he may have been a republican in a past life, he is learning to embrace the independent inside.
because he appreciates me.
because he would never invite me to be someone I am not.
because he and his family invited me into their lives with such ease.
because even though he really doesn't like christmas music, he doesn't get too annoyed when I play it all the time in december and will even change the CD when it stops.
because he wanted to move to this glorious part of the country.
because he tells me I am beautiful.
because he isn't perfect. and doesn't expect me to be.
because he loves walking around barnes and noble just as much as I do.
because he understands that sometimes I am sad. and that is okay.
because he has the kindest heart I have ever met.
because he is my hero.