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an answer to the tag

liz lamoreux

Kim tagged me last week! Finally I have a response...

20 random things about me:

1) I drive a new beetle. It's platinum grey, and I always smile when I see it.
2) Lilies of the valley are my favorite flower; they remind me of my grandmother and the smell of her Pond's Cold Cream.
3) Fall is my favorite season. Until Spring rolls around, then I say Spring is my favorite.
4) I am afraid of going under water.
5) Because I didn't like getting water on my face, I didn't take showers until I was 9.
6) Now, showering is like a meditation for me. I love feeling the hot water on my body and the alone time I have to brainstorm and relax.
7) I am a Gemini and so it my husband. It sometimes makes for interesting disagreements.
8) I went to theatre camp the summers before 7th and 8th grade (I recently found out that Jeremy Piven went there too).
9) I still have dreams about my cat Daniel. He was my cat from 5th grade until he passed away my senior year in college. He was named after the character Daniel in Karate Kid, and when he was a kitten he looked a lot like this kitty.
10) I enjoy sushi so much that I would eat it for every meal if I could.
11) I love visiting Disney World. I somehow block out the crowds and craziness there and just embrace feeling like a kid again.
12) I love watching Celebrity Poker Showdown on Bravo (no one believes me because this isn't a typical "liz" thing - but I find it quite enjoyable).
13) Chocolate ice cream is my favorite dessert.
14) When I am in a restaurant, I am sometimes an eavesdropper - some people use the loudest voices and I can't help but wonder what they are talking about.
15) I might be the person you are laughing at as you drive in your car because I am that person who thinks she is having a private concert while driving.
16) I like to start listening to Christmas music the week of Thanksgiving. It drives my husband a little crazy but he tolerates it (I think he knows that if I really had my way we would listen to it at other times of the year).
17) Because I am an editor, I can't read things without finding errors. You would be surprised where I find them - popular magazines, popular fiction.
18) The only place I have been "overseas" is Israel. Almost every one I know has been to London or Paris or Greece or Italy. Not me. Just the middle east.
19) I never laugh at bodily function stuff. I am that person who keeps a straight face at all costs. Until a few months ago when the vet was explaining our dog Millie's anal gland problems. I could not handle it. I was basically biting my lip to stop from cracking up out loud. It was very funny and embarrassing. My husband was looking at me like "have we met?"
20) When I am feeling blue I love to watch the movies You've Got Mail and Emma.

7 things to do before I die
1) Get a tatoo
2) Go to Paris
3) Take ballroom dancing
4) Open my own yoga studio/bookstore/store that sells pajamas
5) Continue to let go of more of my stuff - literally and figuratively
6) Have tea with Sark
7) Write a book (and have someone read it)

7 things I cannot do
1) whistle
2) stay quiet for an entire movie (but I am not one of those "talkers" and I do whisper!)
3) go to bed without reading first
4) start my day without breakfast
5) stand on my head
6) go to Barnes and Noble without buying something
7) go without checking my email for an entire day if I am at home

7 things that attract me to the opposite sex
1) warm eyes
2) kind smile
3) gentle hands
4) sense of humor
5) ability to laugh at themselves
6) look me in the eye
7) challenge me to be more

7 things I say most often
1) The reality is...
2) I'm doing the best I can.
3) No worries...
4) God Bless America (instead of swearing - though I do that too)
5) Millie, chill
6) Jonny, can you...? Jonny, will you...?
7) It's okay. (When someone is crying. When I don't really want to do something. The possibilities are endless.)

7 Celebrity Crushes
1) Patrick Dempsey
2) Colin Firth
3) Robert Redford
4) Marlon Brando (circa 1951)
5) Rob Lowe (as Sam Seaborn on The West Wing)
6) Rock Hudson
7) Johnny Depp

I tag Erica and acumamakiki