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liz lamoreux

When I was little I always wanted a little fort, cave, playhouse that would be my very own. A place where I could escape from everyone and live on my own. Though, I knew I would have to go home when I needed more supplies or needed to use the bathroom or needed to take a bath. Still, I had it in my head that I wanted to live in my parents' backyard inside a special tree house or hidden cave all alone. I guess I craved solitude as early as six. I still crave it at times, but recently I have felt like I might have a bit too much of it.
This picture captures a little tiny cave created by the roots of a giant tree in the Grove of the Patriarchs near Mt. Rainier. I can imagine a little girl with a backpack filled with fig newtons, cheerios, and apple juice and carrying her brother's fischer price compass coming across this spot - "perfect! just perfect!" - and settling in for a little while. At least until she ran out of cheerios. Or until she started to feel a little too alone.

(photo: taken by j. Grove of the Patriarchs, 8/20/04)