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some favorites today

liz lamoreux

Meet my new uglydoll Jeero. I bought him today at Portage Bay Goods in the Fremont neighborhood in Seattle. His new home is in my home office, near my desk, so that we can exchange ideas throughout the day. It gets lonely sometimes...and I think he is going to invite me to crack up with laughter every now and then. I will keep you posted.

Sunday morning yoga classes at Planet Earth. My teacher's classes are always what a yoga class should be - I walk away feeling stretched, relaxed, strong, and centered.

Walking through the Fremont Market. If you are ever in Seattle on a Sunday, you must check this out. Even on a rainy day you can find treasures (like my new hat, flower pin, and the fun gift I bought for J - pictures to come).

Talking about, what I call, "the guts of life" with a friend over a snack. It is incredible to be able to share who you really are with someone and have the gift returned to you when she does the same. Then laughing together as we sit on a couch in a bookstore and read this book. It is so much fun to share this book with people. Cracks me up every single time I read it (though I don't own it; I think I enjoy discovering it again every few months).

Laughing with J about how bad the dinner we made turned out. Thank goodness for Baskins Robbins to save us with a perfect dessert.

Sunday nights on the couch:
Watching The West Wing. I was so caught up in the story line (as I have been with every episode for the last 7 seasons), I started to cry at the end as Toby left the White House. I am not kidding. I think I might be a little too involved with this show...but for those 60 minutes, I believe that those people are in charge of my country and I love them for it.
Grey's Anatomy. Dr. McDreamy indeed. Though the women in his life are giving him too much power in my opinion.

It was wonderful to have a day that seemed like a true break from it all. I didn't feel pulled it 20 directions; I did things just for myself; I had a little bit of retail therapy; and I connected with people. Bravo me.