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my favorites

liz lamoreux

This week, I love:

This song. (scroll down to hear a clip, song #2) Have it on my ITunes playlist on my computer. When it comes on, all work must cease. Dancing and singing commence.

This site. I love these illustrations.

This pose.

This yogurt. I loved yogurt as a child, but as an adult, I have never been able to find yogurt that my tastebuds like. It all seems to be non-fat (read: non-taste) or artificially sweetened. This is perfect. The right size, with all those active cultures I need. And, it tastes so good. Had to go back to being a child to find what I wanted. (I buy it from my local grocery store, but when I googled it I found you could order it from amazon. that site has everything.)

These shirts. Perfect for jeans, yoga class, pj's. The price cannot be beat.

This book. I am reading one story when I go to bed at night. Her words wrap themselves into my heart and I seem to sleep better (well, first I take a bath using Chocolate Luxury milk bath from this shop. it is like taking a bath inside a cup of hot cocoa).