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Work with me

Dear beautiful soul,

One of my deepest wishes is that you realize you’re enough over there just as you are - that you’re worthy of living the life you dream of even if that life seems distant from what you experience every day. 

I believe that we can build a bridge between what daily life looks like and the longings we have inside us. And we do this while we’re navigating what I call The And Space - a place where we hold beauty in one hand and grit in the other, where we experience the routine while we sometimes dream of something more. 

We’re all in The And Space in some form or another as we hold the stories of where we’ve been and where we want to go. And sometimes it can feel a bit lonely in that space.

Here's what I want you to know: I really believe that through mindfulness and self-care practices and gathering in community so we realize we aren't alone in it all, we can have more really good days where we go to bed thinking, “Yes, this. This is the life I want.” even as we navigate this crazy, awesome, hard, sometimes sad, sometimes messy, often beautiful life.

Let’s navigate it together. Here are some ways to work with me.


My approach to online courses is to help you find manageable self-care and mindfulness practices that will support you as you navigate The And Space and build a bridge between daily life and more really good days, between what today looks like and the longings you have inside you.

My current ecourses can be found here.


Retreats & Gatherings

Since 2009, I've hosted more than 20 gatherings of women who come together to connect, tell their stories, and take a break from their daily lives to create some breathing space inside them. Many of these gatherings have been in the form of the Be Present Retreats, which are a chance to circle with kindred spirits and find your way home to yourself. 

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One-on-One Sessions

From time to time, I open up a few spots for one-on-one guidance. We explore self-care practices, creativity, and mindfulness. I sometimes offer brainstorming sessions (a superpower of mine) and guidance for those planning retreats. To inquire about openings, send me an email.