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Join me for 10 days of noticing, honoring, and writing about where you are. Right here. Right now.

Here is my newest ecourse that invites you to explore the creative practice of writing lists to anchor you in the midst of daily life. It’s a mindful practice that can be done in a notebook, in your art journal, with photos, as part of a scrapbooking project, or simply in the notes app on your phone.

Here is about giving yourself the gift of presence and connection for a few moments each day.

Let me get right to why I’m offering this course: The last year has been a tough one for me. Last summer, I experienced deep anxiety for the first time, my family has had some struggles, there’s been the grief of illness and death and uncertainty, and then there’s the news and all that is happening in the world. Yet, there have been beautiful moments of deep joy, laughter, hope, love, and connection. Through it all, my practices have helped me show up and notice the beauty while honoring the truth of each day.

One of these practices is what I call: A List of Here. These are lists I make of:

  • the little moments

  • the realness of what is beautiful and messy

  • my thoughts about the day

  • secret dreams

  • memories I don’t want to forget

  • gratitude

  • truths I want to hold onto

Making these lists has become like a written meditation that grounds me and shines a light on where I’ve been and where I am. They tether me to what I know to be true. They help me create space to notice and practice mindfulness but in an active, deeply supportive, and creative way.

Through this course, I’d love to encourage you, hold space for you, and inspire you to write your own lists as a way to connect in your daily life.



There will be two different online sessions - July 17 - 26 and August 14 - 23.

The theme of each session is inspired by Mary Oliver’s poem “Instructions for Living a Life.” In the July session, we’ll focus on “paying attention,” and in the August session, we’ll invite ourselves to “be astonished” as we move through our daily routines and summer adventures.

The August session is available for $25. Registration for the July session is closed at this time.

Even though the course has begun, you can still sign up! I’ll get you started with the Day 1 email and you can dive in and join us in the Facebook group if you’d like.

What people are saying about HERE:

I didn't know what to expect when I signed up, but Oh My Goodness!! This first email has so many treasures!
I love the poetry and the music (what a wonderful way to start my day) and the links
to so many amazing people. And, of course, the invitation to contemplate and write! What a glorious gift!!

{HERE} is already filling my days with noticing and intention. I love the combination of your thoughts and
gentle guidance to actually put pen to paper, as well as some poetry inspiration and a few places to look
at on the Internet. I have started a journal that is making me smile.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this first session and I am looking forward to Part II.
I cannot thank you enough for the gentle reminder of "noticing" the "Now."

Liz Lamoreux-Liz 2016-0244.jpg

Creative Ways to Make Your Lists:

  • Pair your list with a photo (like I often do).

  • Fill up a little journal with your lists. (I’ll share some examples in class.)

  • Add this practice to your Project Life or other scrapbooking projects.

  • Get a little artsy with your list in an art journal. (I’ll share examples of this, too.)

  • Keep them in a simple spiral notebook or even in a notepad app on your phone.

The important piece is the act of noticing, slowing down, and writing the list.


Tuition: $25 for the August session


Registration has begun! Just click the "Register” button above. This will take you to the shop page where you’ll be able to choose between one or both sessions. Email will be sent to the email address you enter when you check out.


More Information and Questions you might have

More details

  • This class takes place online and all class material is delivered via email. Additional connection is optional through our Facebook group.

  • Each session is DIFFERENT. July is the “Pay Attention” session and August is the “Be Astonished” session. The overall experience will be similar but the daily emails will be different.

  • You can participate in one or both sessions.

Supplies Needed:

This will really be up to you. Start with this: KEEP IT SIMPLE. Gather up a notebook or just your phone. If you feel called to get a little bit messier or play with some art supplies, add those and a journal to your list. You get to decide.

Here’s what I want you to remember: In this course, we’ll pay attention to the feelings, details, routine, senses, longings, and experiences of daily life. That’s the goal here. And we’ll do it together. You don’t need to make this a new creative project that has a few art supplies or a new journal, unless you want to! You choose, dear one. And just get in touch if you have questions.

(Photos of Liz by Lauren Oliver Photography.)