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Camp Chickadee

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Summer may be over, but the virtual doors of Camp Chickadee are still open!

We had an amazing summer session, and we’re still sitting around the campfire and have room for you to join us. We realize your summer might have been packed and you missed out on joining us at camp, so we’ve restructured things to make some room for more campers this fall. Read on for the juicy details including the special 50% off price + how we’re raising money for Kelly’s medical bills.

At the end of Chickadee Road sits a magical place called Camp Chickadee.

Days are filled with making, writing, getting a bit messy with paint and glue and paper, and nurturing our bodies with colorful food.

If you walk around, you'll notice women gathered in circles creating handmade goods and telling stories, campers pausing to take self-portraits, laughter bubbling out of the Art Studio, and bowls of blueberries and raspberries just waiting for you on a table near a stack of vintage quilts.

You might even see a few young campers pausing to teach about summer with the carefree wisdom that the young ones know we've almost forgotten.

Then, when you head over to your cabin, you'll find jars and vintage suitcases full of art supplies just waiting for you to join in and have some fun. 

Camp Chickadee is the newest collaboration between Kelly Barton and Liz Lamoreux. While we dream daily of the camp we'll create on Chickadee Road, we're so excited to invite you to our virtual camp!

THIS WEEK: From October 8-15, we’re raising money for Kelly’s medical bills for the cornea transplants she’s having this fall. Yes, you read that correctly! Kelly has Fuchs Dystrophy and will be receiving new corneas - the first one this week! If you donate $75 (the cost of camp) to her GoFundMe, you’ll receive a spot in Camp Chickadee. All you have to do is send me an email (liz @ lizlamoreux . com) with proof of your donation, and I’ll get you set up for Camp.



  • Visiting Kelly's art studio where she'll teach hand lettering, watercolors, and simple doodles. She'll also give you peeks into her studio life.

  • Diving into art journaling with Liz and learning simple and fun ways to share your stories and memories through writing, photography, collage, and poetry.

  • Heading over to the Arts & Crafts Tent to meet up with Kelly and Liz for projects that combine the nostalgia of summer camp with the mindful nature of crafting.

  • Joining in conversations about ways to invite in daily creativity and mindfulness, how to navigate the beauty and the mess of daily living, and ways that we can reconnect with our younger selves.

  • Connecting with like-minded kindreds in a virtual camp-like experience where you can share ideas, stories, and peeks at what you're creating at camp.

  • Creating ways to recharge and find a rhythm as we ease into the joy and daily routine of summer.

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banner of intentions

Join us for six weeks of nourishing your sweet soul as we help you fill your days with wonder, color, and creativity and invite you to slow down and enjoy the simple moments of goodness in your daily life, no matter what the day brings.

Kelly and Liz really know how the throw a Soul Party.
- JoJo (retreat participant)

Camp Chickadee includes three main camp classes - Arts & Crafts with Kelly and Liz, Art Studio with Kelly, and Letters Home: A Journaling Adventure with Liz. There are also two mini-classes: Cabin Life and Field Trips & Artist Adventures. Additionally, you’ll receive weekly podcasts, post guest counselors with mini-classes, a Daily Bulletin with inspiration and ideas to help you care for yourself (and your family), and a few other surprises. 

SPECIAL FALL TUITION RATE: Because our “live” online camp session happened in the summer, you’ll receive all of these camp goodies at once. Plus you’ll still be able to join our private camp Facebook group to connect with other campers. And we’re running a fall special of 50% off! Read on for even more details.


Camp Chickadee art supplies


Here's how it works: You'll gather up some simple supplies (more info below) and then you'll pack up and head to camp (aka we'll meet at our special Camp Chickadee website). Kelly and Liz will provide all the juicy prompts and class instruction that you need to enjoy a six-week adventure creative + crafty fun. Though you get to go at your pace, so maybe you’ll tackle the projects over a month or over several as you work at your pace. We’ll also meet in a private Facebook group and on Instagram to share our stories and creations. 

You can even invite your kids: While Camp Chickadee isn't geared for kids, our five camp classes and adventures will include tips on how to include your kids of just about any age. Liz’s daughter is 8, and we’ll give you ideas on how to include pre-school and elementary-aged campers. Older kids will be able to take the lessons and make them their own (there’s no need to buy them a spot - all kids 20 and under are welcome to simply come along). Our weekly podcast and Facebook group are intended for adults only.

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Camp Season: We’ve reopened for a few weeks this fall!

Cost: Special fall rate of $75

Registration is open! You can join in at any time and we'll get you settled in! The camp website will be available until next Spring, which means you have plenty of time to work through the classes, create the arts and crafts projects, and connect with our community. And we’ll be giving you PDFs of the main classes for you to keep forever.

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Camp Chickadee includes:

Course material on a private website just for campers: Each class has it’s own page so you can really dive in. The main classes will include some video and audio along with photos and written instructions and stories. 

There will also be a Weekday Daily Bulletin where we'll meet up at our imagined flag pole in the middle of camp, and you'll be able to check the clipboard for announcements, the poem of the day, and other juicy goodness. (These will not be updated but you’ll be able to peruse and gather inspiration at your leisure.)

Community: Camp Chickadee includes an optional private Facebook group where we can share what we create and connect with one another. All class material will be presented on the website, so don't worry if you aren't into Facebook. The Facebook group is just for additional connection just like you'd have at camp during meals, rest period, and time around the fire at night. We’ll also connect on Instagram via a hashtag. 

PDF: At the end of camp, you'll receive a PDF with all the lessons from our three main and two mini classes.

When Kelly and Liz get together, magic happens. Their past courses provided me the inspiration and the opportunity to get back in touch with my creative self. It's like a little retreat from the comfort of your home. If you have the chance to journey with these two - jump on it - you won't be disappointed.
-Kirsten (past ecourse and retreat participant) 


Camp tuition: Special fall rate of $75

To register, just click REGISTER below. This will take you to the shop on my site. You'll be able to then add the course to your cart.


You will receive a confirmation email when you check out; be sure to look in promotions folders or spam if you don't see it. Then within 24 hours (or the next business day), you’ll receive your camp welcome email and instructions on how to join in on the fun! 


Scholarships: UPDATE: All of our scholarships have been filled at this time. This summer, we’re offering 5 scholarship spots for single moms to attend Camp Chickadee. To get more info and our short application, just send over an email to chickadeeroad at gmail dot com. If you have questions, just get in touch.

A little more about your head counselors:

Collaborating in some form or another since 2009, Kelly and Liz are so excited to be back at Chickadee Road! We think of it as a bit of a creative clubhouse - where you can just show up as you, no secret handshake required. And we're so excited to open the doors of Camp Chickadee this summer.

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Kelly Barton is an artist and graphic designer living in the middle. One of her favorite things is teaching people to find their creative jam and then adoring their shining faces when they realize that they are really artists! She attended "family camp" many summers and still holds those moments close because at the end of the day, there really isn't anything better than an ice cold nehi and floating along the lily pads in a canoe. Her summer loves are: windows wide open, trips to the farmers market for farm fresh eggs and honey, peonies and a her favorite playlist.
Kelly shares much of her art and life on Instagram.
life: @kellymadelife
studio: @kellymadeshop

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Liz Lamoreux is an artist and author living in the Pacific Northwest. She loves helping people find simple creative soul care practices to help them navigate The And Space (the place where we hold the beauty in one hand and grit in the other). She went to day camp as a youngster, theater camp as a middle schooler, and she was a camp counselor in college. She loved the songs, the crafts, and the camaraderie of camp life. And while she enjoyed being along the lake each year, she did not love canoeing (thank you very much). Her summer loves include: watercolor picnics at Point Defiance Park, huge dahlia blooms, standing barefoot in the creek, and wearing her big straw hat and not caring if she looks a bit ridiculous. Connect with her here on her site and on Instagram: @lizelayne.



Art Studio: Kelly's camp art studio is full of old stubby brushes, coffee cans filled with colored water, and fruit-scented markers. As the warm sun filters in through the window screen, we will gather our paints and markers and create happy hand lettered phrases, campy doodles, your own camper-of-the-day portrait, colorful blooms, and other goodness along the way that you can use to decorate your cabin. 

Letters Home: We'll gather under shady trees, wander down by the creek, and even find some old shabby couches to sit on and tell our stories. In this art journaling class with Liz, you'll dive into the world of prompts as you fill up your journal with letters home to yourself. You'll write and maybe even poem, capture the world through your camera (and then print out the photos!), collage with magazines and photos and words, and even use some watercolors. Long after camp ends, you'll feel inspired to continue to play with your journal as you return to these luscious prompts and ideas again and again.

Arts & Crafts: We're going to take you back to the days when all you needed was a ball of yarn, pocket knife, some sticks, and a glass of lemonade to create something that made your heart so damn happy. From weaving to banners that you can hang in your home to making necklaces, we'll fill your summer with weekly doable camp craft projects you can do by yourself, with your girlfriends, or with your kids. 

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Fireside Chats: Podcast-like conversations between Kelly and Liz that cover what Liz likes to call “the story behind the story.” We move past the IG photos and status updates and into what it is really like to try to be a creative, maker, mother, and human in this wacky time we live in. We’ll talk community, friendship, marriage and divorce, ways to get unstuck creatively and in life, what to do when you find yourself in what Kelly calls "The Inbetweens" and Liz calls "The And Space" - the place where we hold the beauty and the mess of our daily lives. And we will laugh. A lot. We hope it will feel like you’re gathered at one of our retreats in that special time after the sun goes down when the conversation starts to get really, really good.

Cabin Life: In this class, we'll share peeks into how Kelly and Liz each bring in the sacred to their daily lives and easy DIY inspiration from around their homes. Cabin Life will invite you to slow down, savor the simple moments of summer, and help you practice soul care by nurturing yourself.

Field Trips & Artist Adventures: Remember loading up on the hot, stuffy bus and sliding down the windows, then joining in for a round of "If I Had a Hammer" ... and then getting to your destination and learning your nightmare had come true and you were about to learn how to canoe? This will not be that! Instead, each week, we’ll inspire you to go on your own adventures and artist dates with doable and fun ideas you can do in your corner of the world no matter where you live.  

Guest Counselors: Our guest counselors will inspire you with DIYs and mini-classes.

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Supplies needed:

A more detailed supply list, including what you'll need for some of our arts and crafts projects and all the goodies Kelly and Liz will be packing for camp, will be emailed to you before we gather. But for those who love to plan, here's a general list. Our guess is that you already have a few of these things in your craft stash. 

  • a pad of watercolor paper

  • inexpensive watercolor paints

  • 2-4 of your favorite colors of craft paint

  • an inexpensive brush pack

  • a sketch or watercolor journal with blank pages

  • sharpies or other permanent markers for hand lettering

  • a pack of markers in happy colors

  • magazines you can cut up

  • glue stick (or other favorite glue)

  • #2 pencil

  • a few balls of yarn

  • scissors

  • we will also be taking photos so you'll need a way to print photos from your phone or camera (ideas will be shared)

Other Details and FAQ

How long will camp be open?

The camp website will be available through at least March 31, 2019, so you have plenty of time to enjoy lazy days at Camp Chickadee even through the winter. Then it will be time to get ready for an all new summer camp experience. Note that you will receive the main class lessons from Camp Chickadee 2018 along with links to podcasts, additional videos or lessons via a PDF at the end of camp, so that you can continue to play with them forever and ever. Our Facebook group will remain open indefinitely. 

What if I don't use Facebook?

Our Facebook group is optional. All course material will be presented on our private camp website, so you won't miss out on any of the camp lessons, videos, and so on if you aren't in the FB group. The group is just an opportunity to connect with like-minded souls who are part of Camp Chickadee. We'll also use Instagram to share what we create at camp.  

Wait, is this for kids?

No kids required. However, we will be sharing tips on how you could include kids in many of the camp activities. As parents, we know first-hand how long summer can get and the more opportunities to connect with ease and joy plus the more activities to do together, the better. 

I don't think of myself as crafty or as an artist. Do you need to know how to draw, collage, or have experience making art? 

All levels of crafty, creative, artsy experience are welcome! And I bet you know what I'm going to say next: Everyone is an artist. And what we love about Camp is how it connects us with our younger selves who loved simply creating for fun.



Photo Credits: Photo of Kelly and Liz plus photos 3 and 4 on the page taken by Vivienne McMaster. Liz's bio photo by Tara Whitney. Other photos taken by Liz and Kelly (plus a few by Jon Lamoreux).