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Being Seen

What if you had a practice that you could do anywhere that would help you feel grounded, connected, and deeply loved?

What if you could easily recenter on the days you feel lonely or like a hot mess?

What if meeting yourself right where you are could feel as comfortable as sliding into your slippers at the end of the day?

When I’m not sure what the next step should be, 
when my heart feels full,
when I’m moving through the day on autopilot,
when there is simply too much clutter inside me,
when the loneliness taps at my edges,
when the beauty and joy are there but feel inaccessible,
when I think no one else will understand,
I come back to the one practice that always grounds me... 
I come back to the mirror meditation.

Come along and get to know the one person who knows you best of all: You.

What is the mirror meditation?

In the simplest terms, it's pausing for a few moments to look at yourself in the mirror. 

(Please keep reading even if that thought scares you to the tips of your toes.)

It is also a game-changer when it comes to soul care and creating space to listen to the wisdom within. It has profoundly changed my life. 

The mirror meditation is a practice you can do almost anywhere at anytime. In the bathroom at work, in your reflection in a store window, in the car, in your bedroom, when you are on vacation, when you are visiting family.

The mirror meditation paired with using your camera (or phone) to take photos in the quiet spaces in your day is an accessible, daily practice that can help you feel deeply seen and reconnected in the midst of the unpredictability daily life can bring.

But it is also a practice that means getting into your "Inner Excavation" dig site and uncovering pieces of who you are. Deeply connecting with yourself takes work. Finding the quiet spaces and letting yourself just BE in them takes practice.

This course is my offering to help you deepen your relationship with yourself while also creating a self-care practice you can do daily that helps you find love and connection while spending time in the quiet.

  • It includes a care package with a journal you hold in your hands so you can really see how this practice supports you and a necklace that becomes a daily reminder to practice (and a few other goodies).
  • It includes written, audio, and some video material so you can deeply take in what you're learning.
  • And it includes support during and after to give you the opportunity to share in community about your experiences. 

I know this practice can profoundly enhance your life, and this course puts several support systems in place to help you integrate it into daily life so you give yourself the gift of feeling deeply seen whenever you need it.

Come along for 37 days of reminders, community, and connection as you explore the mirror meditation.

Because even as you deeply reconnect with yourself, you don't have to go it alone. 

The Details

Dates: October 5 - November 10

This Being Seen experience (complete with snail mail care package) includes:

* 37 days of guidance, stories, gentle reminders, and support through emails Monday - Friday as you practice the mirror meditation. Our first week will be spent gathering as a community and creating space in our days to practice the meditation. The next four weeks will be spent daily practicing the meditation.

* Breathing from the Heart: Four of my professionally recorded meditations (that will be downloadable for you to keep forever) + a few audio stories/lessons you can download and listen to again and again (including the story of the mirror meditation from The Gift of This Moment).

* A care package from me to you that will arrive in the mail full of goodies (total value more than $50). It will include: 

  • Being Seen: A Mirror Meditation Journal, which is a beautiful professionally designed and printed journal full of prompts with space for you to record your thoughts throughout your time with your practice. This is the second edition and updated version!
  • A special "Five Deep Breaths" Soul Mantra necklace created just for this class
  • An “i am beauty” temporary tattoo
  • And a few other surprises

* Weekly self-portrait photography prompts as another form of the mirror meditation.

* An optional Facebook community for connection with others during our time together and for several weeks after the class ends as you continue to work with the meditation.

* A live video chat via Spreecast during October (it will be recorded so you can watch it if you miss it)

This is your invitation to give yourself the gift of remembering your soul care needs, your stories, you.

How this course will work

Emails to ground you :: From October 5 through November 10, you will receive letters from me to you in your inbox Monday through Friday. There will be five emails a week; three will be full of juicy sustenance for your journey and include stories, prompts to help you work with the meditation, photography prompts, gentle self-care reminders to keep you grounded throughout the experience, and other good things; two emails will be shorter inspiration + check-ins to encourage you and cheer you on. 

Facebook community :: Beginning October 1 through the end of December, we will also gather in an optional Facebook group to share pieces of ourselves and support one another. Here you will be able to connect about your experiences with the mirror meditation, share photographs, and have space held for you as you need it. And this will be a space for you to be gently reminded that you are not alone as you spend time reconnecting with yourself in front of your mirror.

Spreecast :: Additionally during our time together we will have one Spreecast, which is a live online lesson and chat where I'll be sharing some more thoughts about this practice and answering your questions that you can ask live in the chat with me. You'll also have the chance to share pieces of your story and connect with other participants in the class, but you don't have to be on video if you don't want to be. It will be recorded so you can watch it if you're unable to attend.

Registration and Tuition

Tuition: $145 for US students, $155 for international students (to cover additional shipping costs)

SPECIAL ONE DAY SALE: $95 for US students, $105 for international students (to cover additional shipping costs) Note that this special price ends at midnight 9/9.

Registration has begun! Register by choosing your shipping location and click the "Pay Now" PayPal button. You do not need a PayPal account to pay via PayPal. Your confirmation from PayPal will be your registration confirmation. I will also send a welcome email around September 10 with some ideas to help you begin to get ready for Being Seen.

Please note that your care package will be sent to the address used when you pay via PayPal, so please double check that it is correct. International folks: To ensure that your package gets to you before the class begins, please register early.


What supplies are needed?

  • Camera (phone camera is great!)
  • Candle 
  • Your care package 

What it the time commitment?

The emails will take a few minutes to read each day, and the rest of the time commitment will truly be up to you. The mirror meditation prompts will take between 1-10 minutes, and it will be up to you if you do them daily or a few times a week. Throughout the course, there will be frequent reminders to check in with yourself and to work with the meditation and other prompts at your pace. 

I'm intrigued but a bit scared, can you tell me more about the mirror meditation?

The mirror meditation can take many forms and we will explore several during this 30-day online experience. Sometimes I spend just a few seconds in front of the mirror checking in. Other times I create an entire experience around it. Most importantly, I create the quiet space to listen to what I most need, to what I know, to the true stories that rest within me. 

Yes, you will be digging deep with this practice. But you won't be alone. And I know it will deepen the relationship you have with yourself, so this digging deeper will be so worth it.