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your story 2014

liz lamoreux

photo by Kimberly Kalil

photo by Kelly Barton

photo by Kimberly Kalil

photo by Kelly Barton

photo by Hannah Low

I'm so grateful to the 21 women who gathered on the Oregon Coast last week. They showed up as themselves, tried new things, danced, laughed, and shared pieces of their stories. I'm so blessed to do this work, to create this space where all of this magic unfolds.

We wrote poems, took self-portraits, carved stamps + made books with Elise, painted with Kelly, talked about some business stuff, shared ways we stay present amidst all of it, ate delicious food prepared by my dear friend Sasha, and deeply connected in that way women can when they come to a safe space and make the choice to just keep their hearts open to how it all unfolds.

The synergy of it all...the love...helped me come back to center when I think about what I want to do next with the Be Present Retreats. One maybe even two fall retreats are in the works (you might have spotted this sneak peek of my brainstorming) and more information will be coming very very soon. To be the first to know, sign up for my newsletter right here.

Thank you for coming along on these adventures with me. Those days on the coast last week reminded me of the simple and very tangible ways a group of people can change the world. Yes yes yes.

(Kelly's words + handwriting appear in the second photo. For the last few years I've given out mugs at every retreat. You can spot a few of the ones I gave this time in the photos above. They're from The Universe Knows.)

Spring 2014 Your Story Retreat

liz lamoreux

Come along to the Oregon Coast for five days with Elise Blaha Cripe, Kelly Barton, and me as your guides!

Next year's Your Story Retreat will take place March 26-30 in Gearhart, Oregon. During our time on the coast, we will explore ways to tell our stories through writing and poetry, painting and printing, sharing stories, and lots of other creative fun. We will look at how our dreams can inform our stories and dive into the topic of how to embrace the everyday joys and the messy parts of daily life. 

Throughout the retreat and workshops, Elise, Kelly, and I will share stories and creative tools while creating a safe, encouraging environment for everyone. We will let our cameras guide us, walk on the beach, and let the sun shine upon our heads as we listen to one another and share pieces of who we are.

Note: Registration for Your Story 2014 will open at 7AM PST on Wednesday, November 13. (Last year's retreat sold out in less than 24 hours so keep that in mind.) There are just 25 participant spots at this small retreat. 

Head over to the Be Present Retreats site to check out the retreat details including the workshops each teacher will be sharing. And just let me know if you have any questions.