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thoughts from here

liz lamoreux

I think this could be called, "The one where I muse about how I think our soul chooses our family and how my role isn't to keep Ellie beside me so I can grab her hand when I need it and how it all connects to daycare and making the best choices for our family." It's about 13 minutes, so settle in with a cup of tea and a muffin or a glass of wine and dark chocolate.

But if that doesn't appeal, well, come back Monday for another story...And if it does, trust that I really mean the part at the end about continuing the conversation about the things we are "afraid" to blog about.

Anyway, these were thoughts that needed to tumble out of me yesterday afternoon even though I wasn't wearing any make-up and my hair needs a little something something and this morning, my heart tells me to share them here.

I mention my yoga teacher Laura Yon Brooks and one of her teachers, Eric Klein, in the video.

Happy weekend,


an earth mermaid {in moving pictures}

liz lamoreux


there is actually so much i want to say about this video...about the experience of making it, about the joy that is iMovie and the other tools we used to make it, about how collaborating with jon is really bringing some play and fun into our lives...

but right now, in this moment of a full day, i really just so want to share the movie with you. so, i will come back to this topic of what this movie means to me in another post later this week...

oh and i also want to let you know that the words and the subject are directly inspired by this post, a response to self-portrait challenge, that i wrote just about two years ago...

visit bubbleville (a moving pictures afternoon)

liz lamoreux


we are finding our way and leaning into moments of joy, play, silliness, and love.

come visit bubbleville...

(The following giveaway is over - thanks!)

PS a giveaway: the song in this video is "something to chase" by daytime volume, a band my brother* is in. i am giving away two CDs that include this song and some other great tunes. just leave a comment to be entered to win a CD. the giveaway will be open until friday evening. i will announce the winners this weekend.

*oh and my brother is on tour with martha davis (of the motels) this summer. check out their tour schedule here just in case you might be able to go. jon and i plan to be at the portland show next month!

kinda like this...

liz lamoreux

we spent the weekend on the oregon coast.

my senses sing when at the coast.

on saturday, just before sunset, as the rain persistently fell, i was captivated by scurrying sandpipers (i am pretty sure they are sandpipers). i found myself just watching them run and pause to eat with their little tailfeathers up in the air and run again and again. rapid zigzagging feathered beings.

oh they just filled me with joy.


i love them.

i caught a couple on film. if you turn up the sound, you can hear me talking to myself above the wind and the waves. i forgot the sound captures me if i talk to myself. and. ahem. it does. so there i was, standing, camera out in the rain, by myself, and giggling like no one would be listening.

so yes, spending time with me, sometimes...well, it is kinda like this...

an afternoon chat (that is more like an evening podcast)

liz lamoreux

(so...this video post...
well...it is more like a podcast.
yes, that's it.
treat it like a podcast [in two parts].
or pretend you are sitting in the evening light with me and listening to me ramble [even though this was the middle of the day].
my little camera cannot handle these grey days.
and the lighting seemed fine on the camera.
but that did not translate when uploaded.
and well, i wanted to share these words.
thanks for putting up with me.)

did you take my dare from last week?
did you?
did you do something that surprised yourself? something outside your comfort zone?
did you take a step forward?

i would love to hear all about it...

(and thanks for putting up with the dark video. remember, just pretend it is a podcast.)

PS and jon and i just had a little talk about back lighting. yeah. guess i need to be aware of that. harumph.

an evening chat and a dare.

liz lamoreux

if you knocked on the front door tonight. if you knocked on my front door any night with your mug of tea because we lived right down the street from each other...well...if you did that very thing, you would find me looking kinda like this. in my flannel pjs and no make-up and so on. you would find me, kinda like this...