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emerge in 2012 (with a special offer for those who come along)

liz lamoreux

Last summer I co-taught Emerge with my good friends and creative cohorts Jenna McGuiggan and Vivienne McMaster. The course is hosted by the awesome team at Live it to the Full. We're excited to offer it again this January in the hopes that it will invite you to focus on how you want things to unfold for you in the new year. 

We invite you to join us as we share our own personal stories of transition and play with words, photography, and mindfulness practices. We'll explore the ebb and flow of happiness, the unique power of telling your story, and the beautiful, yet precarious, process of learning to trust yourself.

We designed this course to be full of beauty, truth, and inspiration – all wrapped up in bite-sized stories and prompts that won't feel overwhelming. Emerge is a gentle way to kick off your creative year, and it's also a nice way to get to know Viv, Jenna, and me. Each of us offer our own creative courses besides working together on Emerge. If you've been curious about any of us or have considered taking one of our courses, Emerge is an affordable way (just $49) to “meet” all three of us at once.

We hope you'll be inspired during Emerge and want to continue exploring your creative side.

**That's why we're offering everyone who registers for Emerge a little bonus: three 15% discounts: one for a course from each teacher in 2012. This means you get one 15% discount for any of Viv's photography courses (such as You Are Your Own Muse), one 15% discount for any of my upcoming courses (such as Create Space), and one 15% discount for any of Jenna's writing courses (such as Alchemy: The Art & Craft of Writing). 

(We did the math, and this means you have the potential to save more than the actual price of Emerge! Sweet, right?)

Emerge starts January 2, and registration is now open. We'll send you details on redeeming your bonus discounts once class starts. For now, all you need to do is sign-up and you'll be all set.

We loved creating this course together and sharing it with so many amazing women last summer. We're looking forward to sharing it (and much more) in 2012!

create space (the online experience)

liz lamoreux

I have been up to a little something over here and I am so delighted to tell you all about it...

Create Space is an online experience that invites you to give yourself the gift of being present in this moment of your life. During this four-week course, you will slow down, take a deep breath with intention, and notice what you need. Through video and audio lessons, stories, writing and photography prompts, and weekly creative adventure assignments, we will explore self-care and being-present practices to use in your everyday life.

Some of the topics we will explore include:

  • Creating internal space through accessible meditation and being-present practices that will help you find your breath, sink into your body, and quiet your mind. We will spend time discovering our personal soul mantra phrases and connecting to the heart space within us.
  • Creating sacred space within our homes through gathering the treasures, inspirations, and words that speak to where we are on our journeys. We will look at ways to create small altar spaces to honor who we are, where we have been, and where we want to walk next on our paths.
  • Creating space for ourselves throughout our days with writing practices, getting out into the world for short creative adventures, and using our cameras to capture who we are and what we find in this moment.

We will explore ways to integrate these practices into our day-to-day lives, and I will share stories about the ways I do this in my corner of the world. Note that this class is more about the experience of slowing down and noticing than it is about lots of homework and “doing.” That said, along the way I will gently encourage you to work through the lessons in the course so that you can give yourself the gift of using these practices as you walk through autumn (or spring) toward the holidays.

Additional details:

Dates: Create Space begins October 24 and ends November 20.

Where: The course will be hosted on a private blog and private Flickr group. The course will stay up on the blog until December 31 to give participants time to soak up the information. The Flickr group will be available indefinitely for continued connection after the course ends.

Lessons: There will be three main posts per week on the private blog plus downloadable audio meditations, inspiration and resources, and other goodies along the way. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and check in about their experience during our time together. 

Supplies needed:

  • Journal/notebook
  • A camera (any camera is fine, including a camera phone, but if you use film, you will want to be able to scan the photos to share in our Flickr group)
  • A Flickr membership
  • An additional supply list will be shared after you register for the course. This list will include items you might want to gather before our time together that we will use as we create sacred space in our homes. More than likely you will have these items on hand, but I will also supply a resource list of my favorites. 

Cost: $70


  • Registration has begun! To participate in the Create Space online experience, click the PayPal button below.
  • Your confirmation email from PayPal confirms your spot in the class.
  • Within a few days of your registration, I will send you a welcome email that includes a resource list.
  • Note that I will use your PayPal email address to communicate with you. If you prefer that I use another email address, let me know when you register or via an email to liz [dot] lamoreux @ gmail [dot] com (or click here to email through this website).


Feel free to email me any questions.