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sunday, august 16.

liz lamoreux

6:30 AM foggy mind gives way to "i can't sleep" and i decide to make the long aprons i have been saying i will make for months...visualizing new pattern ideas...reversible perhaps...

6:45ish fall back asleep
8:35 wake up, must take shower first to push away foggy mind
8:52 blog reading in bed for a bit before breakfast
9:00 read maddie's sunday post. sigh with contentment and a wee bit of a wish i was there feeling
9:02 click over to this video of a vermont lake
9:02:10 decide the day's plans suddenly changed. must be in nature today
9:10 invite jonny to join me
9:40 picnic + three cameras + one blackberry + one flip + binoculars & bird book + lizzy & jonny get into the bug and head to the mountain
10:18 car dance party to michael franti begins (a must as coffee and breakfast have not yet been consumed)
10:31 starbucks drive through
11:10 enter the park and nature commences...
11:11 on was a bit like this...

6:10 PM time to head north yet again
6:18 a little donna summer concert in the car takes us home...

a perfect day really.

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liz lamoreux


we are finding our way and leaning into moments of joy, play, silliness, and love.

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(The following giveaway is over - thanks!)

PS a giveaway: the song in this video is "something to chase" by daytime volume, a band my brother* is in. i am giving away two CDs that include this song and some other great tunes. just leave a comment to be entered to win a CD. the giveaway will be open until friday evening. i will announce the winners this weekend.

*oh and my brother is on tour with martha davis (of the motels) this summer. check out their tour schedule here just in case you might be able to go. jon and i plan to be at the portland show next month!