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gifts to give your kindreds for Valentine's Day

liz lamoreux

If you're like me and sometimes feel a bit "meh" about Valentine's Day, turn the meaning of the holiday on its head and get something special for the kindred spirits in your life. Whether you have a Valentine, want a Valentine, or hope your Valentine does something other than spend $100 on flowers again, you can always celebrate your BFFs.

Here are some ideas for fun gifts you could give them (clockwise from top left):

The sugar lip treatment is the best. It comes in tinted and untinted. Such a sweet little gift. 

The Best Friend Ever necklace is adorable. And so are all the other necklaces by this brand at Nordstrom.

I know that chocolate is totally a Valentine's Day cliche, but if my kindred showed up with a box of these dark chocolate Frangos or one appeared in my mailbox, I would text her a photo of me smiling with tears in my eyes saying, "you get me, you really really get me."

Heart of Gold bangle from Kate Spade. Because for sure your BFF is golden. Yes.

Over the last year or so, when I've shared a room at a retreat or when friends have visited and they've seen how I organize my make-up and other things when I travel, they inevitably pull out a ziploc bag and say, "This is how I do it." Now a ziploc bag is totally okay honey. Always. Easy to see what's in there. But if you have a friend who is longing for a cute makeup bag but won't treat herself, this Orla Kiely train case at Target is awesome. It has a special zippered area on top for brushes or other things, which is unique for this style. Love. Might have found its way into my cart last week. Maybe.

The kindred necklace set from my shop. This is my take on the Best Friends necklaces from my middle school years. They're at a special price (more than 25% off) so you can get one for your friend and keep one for you (and if you want to get several or an odd number, just send me a note).

I couldn't stop there, so here are six more ideas (clockwise starting at top left):

Love love love this card from Emily McDowell. It says everything I wish someone would have said to me when I was about 21. Also love this one over on Moorea Seal.

chasers of the light: poems from the typewriter series by Tyler Knott Gregson looks so lovely. I see his poetry on Pinterest all the time and it is just gorgeous. And giving someone poetry on Valentine's Day is a very very very good thing.

You probably already know I love BlueQ pouches. They are so lightweight and easy to clean and come in great sizes. This one is a pencil case size and perfect for travel art supplies or receipts. I have the tin box in this same style and love it.

This print from Lori Portka really says it all. Beautiful.

A mug that greets you each morning and reminds you that you are enough is pretty much perfection.

I was going to save this notebook for a post I'm doing on about my current studio "stationery" tools, but then I thought that you might just need to give this to the list maker kindred in your life. It is lined and perfect for making list after list after list. Or writing poetry. The best size and so light. I love it. 

Other ideas: Vivienne's Be Your Own Beloved Class (take it together!), a massage at your favorite spa, my Water Your Mama Soul class, sending something simple that you love in the mail (a dear friend just sent me her favorite hot cocoa and it made me feel so loved), or even showing up with Starbucks would be the best. And don't forget, you could even make your own sweet Valentine's and send them off to your friends because real mail is always a good idea.

Please note: Some links in this post are affiliate, which means I receive a small commission when you purchase something through the link.

love this :: scoutmob favorites

liz lamoreux

For a few weeks now, I've been curating my favorites from Shoppe by Scoutmob over on Pinterest. Shoppe by Scoutmob is an awesome site that supports makers by giving them a platform to sell a handful of their goods. It is full of gorgeous, fun handmade items. Here are a few of my current favorites:

The Hanging Air Plant Terrarium Kit by Makerskit looks awesome! I'm in love with air plants (read all about my adventures with them here). This kit would be a great gift for just about anyone in your life. 

The Deer Antler necklace by PeachTreeLane is unique and so beautiful. Love it. (I also love the Birds on a Wire necklace by Metamorphis Metals.)

The Original Baconkit by 7th West Charcuterie is literally a DIY bacon kit. This is beyond awesomesauce for the bacon enthusiast in your life.

Cold Brew Coffee Kit by Coffee Sock Co. Cold brew coffee is my new favorite thing; it's a lot less acidic and makes my body happier. I'm buying it at a local market and making it at home. (Meg shared a great DIY last year.) This kit is awesome and the perfect gift for the coffee connoisseur in your life. (I'm also really tempted to try this Highbrow Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate.)

The Johnny Cash quote print by Hey There Design is one I can't stop sharing on Pinterest because I just want everyone to read it. When asked about his description of paradise, he said, "This morning with her having coffee." Dude. I am smitten. I have to admit that I became a Johnny Cash fan only in the last few years. I missed out on really "getting" him when he was alive. I'm now in love. His music. His story. And this quote. Yes.

(Not pictured) The Leather iPhone Earbud Keeper by Stock & Barrel is an awesome stocking stuffer and something I totally need because I always get my earbuds tangled (not to mention that I just drop them whenever I'm done and I can't ever find them). They look beautifully made.

After putting this together, I realized that I shared several kits. There is so much more over on Scoutmob, but these are such unique and fun gifts. As an adult, we rarely have that joy of a "toy" to actually play with on Christmas Day. The kits mentioned are each things that the recipients could dive into during the holiday season so they could exercise that creative longing inside them. I love that. (There's even a DIY cheese kit and all you need is milk! And a gin kit! )

Note: The links above are affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission when you explore Shoppe through these links.