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{a week of} pink: the promise of spring

liz lamoreux




each day this week i have been breathing in the sweet, strong, specific smell of the hyacinths that bloom on our kitchen windowsill. even though winter and the grey are also a part of each day, this feast of the senses blooming in my home reminds me that in this corner of the world the crocuses try to bloom in february, the days are getting longer, and the cherry tree already has buds in anticipation of its march performance. each day this week (in this week of pink), i have been reminded that spring will return...

{a week of} pink: the simple things

liz lamoreux


a few of the simple things that made this day brighter...
taking a few moments just for me 
wearing my favorite happy socks and bloomers and even wearing shoes

the ritual of making tea 
sitting at the table (without the laptop) with a snack
letting go of keeping my favorite vintage tablecloth for good and using it every day

the smell of a warm pumpkin muffin
a dash of homemade whipped cream
a favorite mismatch plate from my college apartment

gathering books to inspire and nudge me just a bit
breathing in the quiet
pushing myself to know i am enough

i am playing along with christina today (in my week of pink sort of way). such inspiration in the participants' posts...

{a week of} pink

liz lamoreux


a few months back, darlene and i were talking about various blog post ideas and i mentioned that i would love to focus on specific colors for a week at a time every now and then as a photography exercise on my blog. and then this weekend, i was thinking that maybe every now and then i would have "a week of...[insert to be determined prompt here]" on be present, be here to push me to post each day during a week and also to find inspiration in a specific prompt or theme. as i write this, i am thinking that maybe some of you out there will stumble upon these "a week of" posts and be inspired to play along every now and then...

this week, as those of us in certain corners of the world see the wintery gray of february looming before us, i think bringing in a little color might brighten things up a bit. last week, i mentioned being inspired by pink (well, a little bundle of goodness is joining us in a few months, so i have it on the brain) and gathered some flickr favorites together in this post, which all leads to me to this: a week of pink.

during the next few days, i will probably focus on photos that capture snippets of this color...photos i will take this week and photos in my archives. but i also think it would be fun to write using "pink" as the prompt or even create something with a little pink (perhaps the paints and a canvas will make an appearance on the kitchen table...).

also, wednesday i will be participating in christina's simple things (though i imagine that my simple things post will be a bit pink inspired). if you aren't familiar with christina's "simple things" posts and invitation to play along, you simply have to find out more on her blog. (and note that christina and her family are going to donate $1 to doctors without borders for each person who participates in "simple things" this wednesday. really, you must join in on the fun.)

if you do decide to play along in this week of pink, through your stories or photos or poems or lists, even if just for one day, please do let me know in the comments.

hope you are breathing deeply in your corner of the world...

see you tomorrow...



a photo list: pink

liz lamoreux

inspiration pink.


Photo credits: 1. Green in the pink, 2. Target Tuesday: Pink Glasses, 3. The Bells Are Ringing!, 4. Tea/Coffee and Books..., 5. Lotus Pink & Green, 6. Pomegranate in pink, 7. Yarn Stash:: Malabrigo, 8. vintage pillowcases, 9. Pink tulips, 10. 181/365: Pink and green should never be seen, 11. vintage pink buttons , 12. 182/365: Purple haze, 13. Spools of Pink, 14. one more time, 15. _MG_0039, 16. a pretty pink bellis tuesday !

As a pink hyacinth begins to bloom in the kitchen windowsill of my newly clean and much more organized home, I am thinking about making next week a week of pink. The truth is that my favorite color is blue. But a dash, just a dash of pink makes me very very happy. And don't get me started on pink buttons. But a dash of pink during a time of year that seems to sometimes be steeped in grey? Yes, I think that sounds just about perfect.

Want to join me for a little pink next week?

friday (blue)

liz lamoreux

the lack of blue in the sky today

wavy blue

means that the light for my photos is...well...not really present

new maude shape

so these photos aren't so much about good photography
(though my rebel does the best it can to guide me)

vintage feather fan

they are instead about a glimpse into me

guest room wall

and how blue always dances into my life

ada mae peek

whether i am creating

in this moment

or finding something to adorn our home

little room stained glass art

created by someone else

heart by mary stanley

or wrapped up in a memory


blue is home

new favorite mug

orange (wednesday)

liz lamoreux


i remember drinking fresh orange juice on the beach in marco island


from one of those orange shaped cups with the green lid and straw


something made me think of this memory the other day; i could smell that orange juice mixed with suntan oil, fresh air, and salt


i missed my parents in that moment as i closed my eyes and thought about the three of us, me sitting between them, on the beach of my early childhood vacations


at some point, i took a break from orange juice and all things orange flavored; not sure why, but it became a twenty year break


all my friends and family knew that orange was my least favorite

full glass

but after living here, on the west coast, for a few months, i began to crave oranges


and now i drink them, eat them, and breathe them in

drink up

perfection nestled in memories

day three of color week