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::this is me::

liz lamoreux


here. #nowyouworkshops

here (photo inspired by this week's now you workshops prompt)

This is me. Me weaving words and chocolate mint ice cream and striped socks and long oh-my-god-i-am-finally-alone showers into a life. This is me. Me gathering plastic zoo animals and fruit loops and suddenly the gentlest words I could ever hope to hear and tucking them into the pockets hidden under my skin. This is me. Me pushing myself to sift through what was and hold what might be in softly cupped hands. This is me. Me choosing trust in this second and the next and the one after that. This is me. Me hearing their laughter and looking down to find another stitch sewn into my heart. This is me. Me finding my way to rest and relearning and listening.

This is me choosing to open myself to all of it again and again.


Sometimes sitting in the quiet and giving myself the space to just let the words tumble out of me reminds me that I am not alone. If you are looking to create space to pause and listen to the words you most need to hear (to listen to your own words), consider coming along for the next session of Create Space that begins May 6. In this class, we explore creating sacred space in our homes, in our days, and within us using the tools of writing and poetry, photography, and be present practices that invite you to be right here in this moment to notice what you need. Learn more and register here