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sometimes the day starts upside down.

liz lamoreux

Yesterday: There's a lot that did not go well in the last 35 minutes of getting them out the door for school. But because we were running late, we had this "LOOK! It's a beautiful pink sky Mama" moment standing under the trees in our front yard. 

Sometimes the day starts upside down. Sometimes you say "hurry up" about 25 times more than you wish you had. Sometimes you want to put the words back into your mouth. Sometimes you wonder if this is really your life.

But then beauty arrives and your little one stops to make sure you all notice and you are reminded: You're doing something right. 

You push yourself to remember that most days aren't this hard. Most mornings are have more ease and laughter than pushing and pulling. And you choose to open your heart to kindness and love. 

Toward yourself.

Toward those you love.

Toward the woman who will experience other upside down mornings in the days to come.

Because each day you choose.


and then something exquisite happens

liz lamoreux



Staying open to the joy, to the beauty, is a practice I turn to again and again. Especially on the days it rains or my Facebook stream is full of heaviness or I'm grumpy or it really feels like the impossible is in front of me. 

Today, try to open yourself up to noticing the joy that crosses your path. You might even want to make a list of the joy you find.

It will change you. For real.


you can choose

liz lamoreux

One of my favorite guided meditations (or images to think about during yoga) is to notice the space that you create inside you as you breathe. You focus on the expansion of your breath on the inhale and see if you can notice that feeling of space inside you. Because the simple act of taking a breath with intention and noticing this space can be done at any time, it is one of my go-to practices. And then I like to finish this meditation thinking about how I choose what enters this space. I choose. Every single day.

I hope this practice can become one you slip into your soul care toolbox to pull out when you need it.