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back to the basics


Do any of these statements sound like you?

  • One day I’ll have time to take care of me. 
  • When she goes off to college, I’ll start painting again. 
  • Sometimes I don't even know if I'm worthy of the dreams I have inside me. 
  • Lately I just feel like something needs to change.
  • I wish I had more time to just rest.
  • There’s so much whirling around in my mind but I can't slow down.
  • My self-care practice needs a reboot but I'm not sure where to begin and I just need to talk it out.
  • I used to practice yoga/write in my journal daily/take walks before dinner/take myself out to lunch, but I can’t even get five minutes to myself these days. 

This is your invitation to move away from overwhelm and wishing and head back to the basics of soul care, mindfulness, and plain old fun as you reboot and center yourself in your daily life.

Recently, a friend was sharing that she’s going through a time where she feels exhausted and can’t figure out a way to actually take even just a few minutes for herself each day. She shared a list of all that she has going on and said something like, “One day I’ll do some self-care again.” 

She knows she wants to feel more grounded in her life, but she’s in a place where the daily demands of motherhood and work are pushing her to feel like she doesn’t know where to begin. She’s wearing her “each day I choose” Soul Mantra bracelet but is living in way that invites her to feel that she doesn’t have time to even makes choices for herself in the midst of all she must cross off of her to-do list. 

What is your “one day I’ll get back to self-care” story?

  • Maybe you’ve found yourself inside some old stories and it feels really really hard to pull yourself out.
  • Maybe an unexpected experience has taken you away from the rhythm you used to have in your daily life.
  • Maybe you’ve simply entered a season of life where the self-care practices you used to use just aren’t manageable anymore.

If you’re in a space where you feel pulled away from choosing how you live each day, it’s time to ask yourself: How can I get back to living the life I want?

With Back the Basics, I’ll guide you through a process of claiming your own mindful and creative self-care practices so you can feel rooted in your daily life. As you begin to work with your practices, you'll also claim space in your life, space to feel the freedom that comes with listening to the wisdom within you.

And with this freedom, you'll realize that you get to choose. You get to have fun with writing or painting or taking walks in the woods or playing with self-portraiture or whatever else your heart is drawn to. You get to choose love and rest and finding joy in the everyday moments.

We'll create a manageable way for you bring the freedom of living the life you want back into your daily world.

Back to the Basics is a six-week commitment that will help you begin to create and maintain soul care and creative self-care practices to support you for the rest of your life. 

The schedule is now open. I have five one spot available for a July start and five four in August.

Here’s how this one-on-one offering works:

Week 1: We connect on Skype (or by phone) for 30-ish minutes. We’ll touch base, laugh, maybe even have a mini-dance party (don’t let that scare you!), and then I’ll give you a customized PDF homework that you’ll complete before our next call. 

Week 2: We meet for 60-75 minutes on Skype/by phone to talk about your homework and get underneath what’s been holding you back from connecting with yourself. During this call, I will help you create at least one soul care/mindfulness practice and one creative practice to begin working with daily/weekly. I will also send you a customized PDF about your practices with any special instructions, audio meditations, or other customized pieces depending on your needs. 

During Week 2 I also send you a care package! It will include some surprises along with my One Move Each Day mini-inspiration deck and the special FEAST oil that Anna Wingfield of Napa Valley au Natural has created for my retreats and other offerings. The intention of this care package is to support your heart, mind, and body as you make this renewed commitment to yourself.

Week 3: I check in with you via email to see how your practices are going.

Week 4: We meet on Skype/by phone again for a 30-45 minute check in, tweak your practice(s) if needed, and maybe have a lip-sync off (kidding...mostly).

Week 5: You'll continue to work your practices, checking in when needed.

Week 6 (there's a reward involved!!): Two weeks after our final Skype call, I'll check in with you over email. When I hear back from you, if it's clear that you've put your heart into the practices you committed to during Back to the Basics, I'll send you a little reward in the mail from my Soul Mantras and Other Stories shop. Because we all deserve little rewards from time to time. Yes yes yes!


Special summer introductory price for this six week one-on-one offering: $575

If you're ready to work together to change your "one day I'll get back to self-care" story, then fill out this form and let me know. I'll be in touch and let you know the next steps. If you want to read even more about why I created this offering, read on.



This one-on-one offering is my way of helping you move from wearing your Soul Mantra necklace that says “each day I choose” or "seek joy" or "I am enough" and wanting these words to be true to deeply living from a place where you know these statements are true. To move from hoping to knowing you actually have a choice - to find time for you, to seek joy, to pause and take five deep breaths and know that you can choose love for yourself and for others.

And this is the part where I tell you that the reason I want to put this offering in the world is because I know how hard it is to remember that we have this choice each day. Life can pile up on you, and you can find yourself living inside a story that you have to do it all and be everyone to everybody. Or maybe you’re just in a season of life where the self-care practices you used to use just aren’t working anymore. 

As my own life has shifted and changed during the last few years, I’ve had to go through this process of noting what’s working and what isn’t. Of looking at the way I do things and saying, “Hey, so this piece isn’t a fit anymore,” while also recognizing where I have longings to go back to other practices and need to decide if I can really implement those practices within my current life.

I've had to return to recognizing the basic practices that support me and make the choice to create a framework for them that is actually doable.



Here's how I get back to the basics of building the bridge between daily life and the life I really want:

I make space for simple, realistic practices that free me to invite in more joy, more connection, and more stillness. I know I have to get out of my head and the insistence of the to-do list and get back into my body and my heart. So I take five deep breaths with my hand on my heart. I put on my favorite music and dance it out. I write "you've got this" on the bathroom mirror and take a self-portrait so that I feel seen. I go outside and find beauty with my camera. I drink a glass of water. I invite in laughter and connection and love. I put pen to the page and write the true stories waiting inside me.

Some days I use just one of these self-care moves. Other days, I need to use them all. This is why we call it "finding a practice." We see what works. We tweak things. We dive in even deeper. We wake up and try again. Each day we make a choice to just keep working the practices and opening up even more.

If you're feeling a longing to have deep, meaningful conversations about how you can make this choice and then take actionable steps to live these choices, fill out this form and let's see if we're a good fit to work together.

Note: If when you finish your six-week Back to the Basics adventure you still want some connection and accountability, optional follow-up Skype sessions either once a month or every two weeks are possible.