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This Is My Practice

This Is My Practice ecourse

As you go through your day, you experience beauty, messiness, joy, grief. You move through the routine, the unexpected, possibility, choosing love, and sometimes exhaustion. In any given moment, you hold beauty in one hand and messiness in the other.

I call this place where we hold more than one feeling or belief at a time The And Space.

The And Space is where:

  • We find our way amid the daily routines and the way we want things to be. 
  • We open our hearts to the beautiful moments and breathe our way through the heartaches. 
  • We hold our loved ones close while trying to make a difference in the world.

You aren’t alone in that space, dear heart.

My hope is that you find and then stay anchored to your deepest wisdom as you make your way in this space.

Having a daily practice is one way to navigate The And Space. It helps you stay grounded and fills you up so that you can keep your heart open, so that you can live the life you most want to live.

I want to help you find the practice that fills up your soul. 


What is a practice?

There are a lot of definitions of the word practice. A person's personal practice can have varied meanings, and someone can have several they turn to at different times. For this course, we’re exploring practice as a creative, mindful, meaningful act that you do alone daily to tether you to what is most important to you. 

It’s time you set aside each day away from the roles you play, the devices that pull on you, the never-ending to-do lists, and other souls in your world. 


liz meditating

This kind of daily practice is where mindfulness, self-care, creativity, and the sacred intersect so you can empty out and fill back up.

For example, you might:

  • Meditate
  • Take a walk in the woods behind your house
  • Simply get outside for 10 minutes of alone time noticing your senses
  • Paint with watercolors
  • Pray or spend time in sacred reflection
  • Write in your journal for 15 minutes after breakfast
  • Reflect on gratitude and then take a daily self-portrait
  • Read a poem and pause to breathe for a while
  • Or even a combination of a few things

You will find the practice that works for you in this season of your life. (I'm here to help.)


This Is My Practice: The Details

When: Early 2017

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Where: In your inbox and a private Facebook group

This experience includes:

* 35 days of guidance, stories, lessons, and support through emails Monday - Friday as you decide on and then implement your practice.

* This Is My Practice PDF with worksheets that will help you figure out your practice. You'll be able to turn to these worksheets again and again as you work with different self-care, creativity, and mindfulness practices in your life.

* A Facebook community for connection with others during our time together and for several weeks after the class ends as you continue to work with your practice.

* Two live classes via Facebook live streaming.

* One-on-one session add-ons: For an additional cost, you can choose from two different one-on-one options (more information below).

How this course will work

Liz studio_writing.jpg

Deciding on your practice :: Before we begin, I will send you a PDF to help you decide your practice. Through questions, self-reflection, and a little creative play, you will explore the reality of your current self-care and what a daily practice could look like. This where you can be really honest about what you have time for, so you can make your practice manageable and restorative. 

Easing In :: We’ll spend the first few days of the course brainstorming and finalizing the practice(s) you will work with. I’ll be sending daily emails and we’ll be connecting in community in our Facebook group. 

30 Days of Practice :: Then for 30 days, I’ll be supporting you via emails that will include inspiration, stories, and daily connection in our private Facebook community. Emails will arrive in your inbox Monday through Friday. Lessons and stories will include:

  • What to do when you don’t want to do your practice
  • How to tweak your practice as you go
  • What happens if you want to start a new practice
  • What to do when you feel like you’re not being supported by others
  • How to find time even on the days when there isn’t any time
  • Real-life stories about my own struggles and triumphs with my practice


Liz Lamoreux-Liz Lamoreux Studio Shoot 11 4 15-0134.jpg

Facebook community :: We will also gather in a private Facebook group to share and connect. The Facebook group will be a place for you to ask questions and reach out for support, and I’ll be there to catch you. And here’s the really beautiful part: You’ll also experience the amazing support of community as we share our real-time experiences - what’s working, what isn’t, what we love, what we aren’t enjoying - and we’ll be able to connect and help one another.

Live Streaming Class Time :: I’m also super excited to add in two live streaming events during our 30-day practice. More than likely, these will take place in our Facebook group as part of Facebook’s live streaming option. This will be a time for me to teach “in person” and for you to ask questions and share your stories. I can’t wait!

Optional One-on-One :: Below, you'll find more information about the optional One-on-One add-ons if you'd like more support in deciding on your practice along with accountability and one-on-one connection during the class.

Registration and Tuition

Registration is closed at this time.

This Is My Practice: $75

This Is My Practice + One-on-One Sessions: Two options below (just scroll down)

One-on-One Sessions

The optional One-on-One Sessions are for you if you want to connect with me in a private Skype or phone session as you figure out your practice or have ongoing individual accountability as you work with your practice. There are two options available.


Option 1: Pre-class Session

We'll connect for a 60-minute Skype or phone session and check in about where you are right now and how you want to feel in your life. We will talk about the practices you’re drawn to, and we'll work together to come up with a right-fit practice for you. I'll come with a plan for the call but your time will be customized to your needs.

This is an opportunity for you to feel deeply seen and heard as you honestly navigate where you are and what a 30-day practice can look like for you.

10 spots available.

Cost: $90 (for a total of $165)

Option 2: Pre-class Session + 3 follow-ups + pocket talisman

With this option, we'll connect for the 60-minute call described in Option 1, plus we'll come up with a plan for accountability and checking in about maintaining your practice. You'll have two additional 20-minute calls during your 30-day practice, plus an additional 20-minute follow-up 4-6 weeks after the class ends. And as a special treat, I'll create a custom Soul Mantra pocket talisman for you and send you a little snail mail care package.

This is an opportunity for you to experience the magic of working through the course with a group while also having the connection and accountability of working one-on-one with me.

10 spots available.

Cost: $175 (for a total of $250) 


Payment plans are available for these add-on options, just contact me for more info.

Answers to questions you might have

What supplies are needed?

You will want a simple notebook and pen to answer the questions in your pre-class PDF. Then, you will want to gather the supplies you need for your own practice. 


at my altar

What it the time commitment?

The PDF worksheets will take about an hour or two to complete (longer if you really want to dive in), and you can break this time up over a few days. The emails will take about 5-15 minutes to read each day, and the rest of the time commitment will truly be up to you depending on your practice.

Why a daily practice? I don't feel like I have enough time to do anything daily.

We work with a daily practice, so that we can move away from talking about self-care and how we’d like to meditate or journal to actually doing it. 


Your practice will help you create space in your day to:

  • Tap into your inner wisdom. 
  • Connect to what is sacred to you. 
  • Let yourself just be. 

A daily practice gives you space to come home to you every day, for at least a little while.

I will teach you how to make your practice manageable for you based on your current schedule and commitments. This is key. 

You will be invited to push yourself to create this daily space so you can see what works and doesn’t. This way you can look at what self-care and mindfulness practices are actually doable right now. And 30 days gives you enough time to tweak your practice as you’re going and make it work.


sometimes you have to turn the page

What kinds of practices will people be doing?

From meditation to working in art journals to photo walks to chanting to writing a poem and day, there will be a wide variety of practices chosen by the beautiful souls in This Is My Practice.

You probably already have a few ideas swirling in your mind and heart. The worksheets I'll be sending you before class starts will help you narrow down those choices.

And if you don't have any ideas, don't worry! I will guide you through this process, and you will find a practice.