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The Gift of This Moment (CD)


The Gift of This Moment (CD)


The Gift of This Moment (CD)


The Gift of This Moment: Practices for Mindful Living is a professionally recorded and beautifully designed audio CD featuring an introduction to three practices I use daily and stories of how I use them in my life. The practices include: the mirror meditation, taking a daily photo that captures everyday living, and poetry.

Through stories I share why these practices have become handholds for me that help me get through the tough stuff and give you ideas to get started so you can use them in your daily life.

This CD pairs beautifully with the mirror meditation journal - Being Seen, the In This Moment Field Journal, and my poetry book, Five Days in April. All can be found here in my shop.

There are just a few CDs left. You can also purchase this as a direct download.

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