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Poem It Out Classroom


liz lamoreux


(excerpt from the poem "breath" by david williams)

hello there beautiful you

I'm so glad you're here.

In this Poem It Out adventure, you are going to play with words, find your way to a poem, meet poets, connect with one another, give space for the words and stories waiting to be released from inside of you, laugh (out loud) and maybe even dance, go on adventures, and begin to live inside the idea of "poeming it out." My hope is that you will find a safe place to open yourself to poetry and spend time with the poet within you as you spend the next four weeks surrounded by poetry.

a few logistical notes

This space: This class is divided up into four weeks of content because my intention is that you spend one solid month with poetry. However, you can move through it at your pace. This might mean you spend more time working through the posts and prompts. Some days you might read several posts in one sitting. Go at your pace. And have fun!

Videos: This class was originally created for a group of people moving through it at the same time. This is why a couple of the videos indicate you should "leave your thoughts in the comments" or include invitations to share your poetry with the group. Because this class is now self-paced, the comments are closed and there is no shared space to share your poems. However, if you feel deeply called to share your poems, I'm always happy to read them!

Connecting with me and feedback: I used video with this course because I want you to feel as though you are really at one of my poetry workshops in person. I think you'll find my love of poetry a bit contagious. As I mentioned above, I welcome you to share your poems with me. Please note though that it will probably take a few days for me to reply. If you have any logistical issues with the course, for example videos aren't playing or you can't get into the course for some reason, please email my assistant Stef at lizlamoreux.info(at)gmail.com. She will get back to you within 1-2 business days.

As you probably read in the FAQ of this course, Poem It Out is more about the joy of poetry, reading it and writing it, and isn't about me or anyone else critiquing your poetry. If you do send over your poems, please note that I will reply with a few words of encouragement, but I won't be sharing criticism or suggestions. I do offer one-on-one mentoring, but I don't focus on helping people improve their writing. If you find during this course that you feel called to write and want to work with a writing coach, I'm happy to recommend a few great ones!

I'm so glad you're here and I can't wait for you to begin the journey of poeming it out!

Blessings and light,