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Poem It Out Classroom

week 3: digging deeper

liz lamoreux

We're digging even deeper today with a conversation about the things we have lost. I believe that when we sift through the grief and “stuff” that life hands us (and recognize that it might be taking up too much space inside us), we create space to more deeply live with awareness in our lives. We create space for light and joy. Writing poetry helps me sift through the grief and create more space for living deeply. Reading poetry pushes me to think about my own stories.

Today’s video goes into more about this idea of sifting to create space and using poetry as our guide. I share a few of my own stories and am trusting that they are the ones to share today…


video URL: https://vimeo.com/40558925
video password: poeming 


Notes from the video:

I mentioned this blog post by Kate Inglis.

I read the following poems: "Food. Music. Memory." by Susan Marie Scavo and a poem that is untitled by Donna Lee. They can both be found in the poetry collection What Have You Lost? edited by Naomi Shihab Nye. I also read my own poem called "I cannot apologize."

You can hear Sharon Olds’ read her poem "Mairsy Dosey" here.


Prompt: What do you need to sift through today?

Here are two ideas for working with today’s prompt:

1) Put pen to paper for 5-10 minutes and just write. Write everything and anything that you need today. Consider sifting through your thoughts and feelings surrounding this theme of “excavating the past” that we're looking at this week. Write a list of stories you need to/want to tell that have surfaced for you. Pick one of the prompts we've looked at in the course and write a letter to that prompt. Write a letter to someone you have lost. Just write.

2) If you are feeling more like you want to “poem,” you could begin with the question “What have you lost?” and go from there. Or give yourself some space to breathe deeply and think about what you really feel pulled to write about and put pen to paper and poem it out!