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getting your photos off of your phone

liz lamoreux

A theme is arising in my world and work: I really want you to get your photos off of your phones and computers and into your hands.

As a group of us begin the Inner Excavate-along today and dive into some self-portrait prompts and other photo adventures, I've had some questions about easy ways to print photos from your phone. So I'm compiling a list of services I've used along with other possibilities that I've sourced through recommendations from the beautiful souls over on Facebook. As I use other services and find other resources, I'll update this list. Note that these are in no particular order of preference.

Social Print Studio

I've also used Social Print Studio and am a huge fan of the different styles they have, especially the miniprints. The quality is great! And I think the photostrips could be super fun for self-portraits.


We've been using Postagram for years to send easy postcards to grandparents and even to one another (perfect when Ellie and I are visiting family while Jon's at home). Love this simple way of sharing photos or sending yourself or someone in your own home a note in the mail! (And as soon as I press publish, I'm going to send some postcards because seriously if ever you wanted to key to a grandparents heart it is photos in the mail.)

4x4 prints from Walgreens


I'd heard that Walgreens has an easy to use app that interfaces with Instagram and your phone and that they print square photos. And I'm happy to report that I used it and loved it! This is the perfect way to get same-day printed photos if you aren't printing them at home. They even print 8x8 so now I can put my favorite peony photo up in my studio because as you might have guessed if you follow me on Instagram, I miss them big time.

8x8 print from Walgreens


I haven't used the kiosk at Target yet, but I've heard that you can easily connect your phone and print photos right there. Another same-day possibility. (And I can tell you with certainty that they won't have fans or kiddie pools right now. At least in Tacoma. Because it is hot hot hot here and there is not a pool or fan in site! I did find these though. Smitten.)


I've used PostalPix over the years and really like the quality of their photos. The app is super easy to use too. You can read my previous post about them right here.


4x4 prints from Sticky9


I heart Sticky9 and the border around the 4x4 photos as shown above. As I mentioned in this post, you can easily choose your Instagram photos and place a quick order. The prints come with a white border that I'm a bit obsessed with. They also print fun square magnets from your IG photos. (Use code FRIEND10W9P for 15% off your first order!)

A few other options:

I've heard really good things about Persnickity PrintsGroovebook (though it isn't clear to me if they send prints or only books), Kanvess (which does prints), and Chatbooks (which sends you photo books only but I'm so going to sign up for this service this month!).

Printing at home

As I've mentioned, I currently use three printers to print my photos at home. My new Canon Selphy CP910 prints 4x6 photos and the Instax Share prints those adorable credit card size photos. And I use an older version of this Epson to print photos from my computer (so this usually means the photos from my Canon Rebel). I don't think you need three printers, but I use them at my retreats, so having a few choices makes sense in my world.

And as part of my collaboration with eBay, I've written an article that reviews these three printers plus one more that I use at home to print my photos from my phone and computer. 

Note: Most of these services via apps are just in the United States (though some do ship internationally so check them out!). If you have resources for other countries, please share them in the comments. And if you use other apps to print photos, I'd love to hear about them! Thank you!

unicorns, mermaids, and rainbows {i heart makers}

liz lamoreux

Be The Mermaid by Kelly Barton

Over the weekend, Jon, Ellie, and I were having a somewhat quiet afternoon (okay, it was not all that quiet because life with our five year old is not quiet, but it was a bit chill). I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and saw all these awesome people hanging out at Urban Craft Uprising and couldn't handle not going. So off we went with just a few hours to spare.

And it was so awesome to be in a room filled with so many amazing makers and people who love handmade.

Ellie was full of so much energy and joy finding all the booths with stuffies and chatting up anyone who wanted to talk. Oh this kid. How she makes my life so much brighter. 

I found some really fantastic handmade goods that I'll be sharing in a few posts this month (I want to take some photos first of a few). As we were driving home, I started thinking about creating a new blog series here about all the handmade (or designed by makers) goods I find when I have on my curating hat and am sharing things over on Pinterest.

So here we are: The first "I Heart Makers" column! I'll be spotlighting some of my favorite makers, some of my favorite products that I use and wear and have in my home, along with a few fun things that catch my eye as I'm perusing the Internet.

Today, I'm spotlighting "Unicorns, Mermaids, and Rainbows" because those three things are current favorites for Ellie and me. As she would say, "We LOVE LOVE LOVE unicorns and rainbows and mermaids too, don't we Mama?" Yes, honey. Yes. We. Do.

You might have seen this photo of me sporting my sparkly unicorn horn over on Instagram. It just delights me. My dear friend Alli gave it to me and she found it in Brooklyn Owl's Etsy shop. It's the perfect thing to put on when you're about to drive away from the ocean-front home where you've hosted a retreat and are feeling the sads come on.

(image from MilbotandChooky)

This rainbow cloud mobile is so adorable and from MilbotandChooky on Etsy. They have quite a few happy mobiles and garlands.

(image from Yikes Twins)

Last month, we found this awesome unicorn towel for Eleanor at Pottery Barn Kids (she sometimes wears it for most of the day). AND THEN SOMEONE ON INSTAGRAM LET ME KNOW ABOUT AN ETSY SHOP THAT MAKES UNICORN TOWELS FOR ADULTS. Sorry. Couldn't stop myself from talking in a super loud excited voice just then. Check out these awesome towels from Yikes Twins (including mermaids!). I can't even handle it. Totally have one in my shopping cart right now.

My new Reading Rainbow aka Brainbow phone case makes me so happy. It also comes as a pillow, totebag, and even a shower curtain. I can't help but smile when I see it and I'm totally thinking about getting this pillow.

Have you seen Kelly's mermies yet? She's has some over on Society6 (like the one on the top of this post) and others in her Etsy shop. I heart these mermaids and their awesome ways.

And I'm totally in love with Anna Wingfield's Magical Unicorn Anointing Oil. It has a very clean citrus and lavender scent. I'm using it in the moments when I want to invite in a bit more magic and playfulness with a huge dose of inner wisdom on the side. 

An invitation: Are you a maker? Share a link to your shop in the comments so I can visit your shop. Would love to possibly feature you in a future post.

a quiet revolution

liz lamoreux

I’m sharing a story today as part of the launch of the new site Quiet Revolution. It’s co-founded by Susan Cain, author of the best-selling book Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking.

I was lucky enough to see Susan speak at WDS a few summers ago and the topic of her book deeply resonated with me. She’s giving a voice to what introverts experience in our current world and it is powerful (just listen to her Ted talk).  

A peek into my own journey as an introvert comes up in one of the phrases that has become central to what I share with women I work with: Just show up as you.

It’s why I created my retreats. I wanted women to be able to set down the expectations they feel in their daily lives, to set down the roles they play, to set down who they think they are supposed to be, and come to a safe and creative environment where they can show up as themselves. 

But here’s what I know: This isn’t always easy.

We go through life feeling the push and pull of wanting to be seen as ourselves but also wanting people to like us. We look at a situation and try to figure out the best way to move through it. We want to thrive in our lives and we want to be loved.

Oh this being human is a wondrous wacky adventure.

As a child, one of the things that was often said about me was, “You’re so serious.” I interpreted this to mean: You’re too serious. You’re no fun. You aren’t funny. And people don’t really want to be around you.

Whoa. That is a lot for a little one to be navigating.

Looking back, I know that what I was really doing was honing in on one of my superpowers:

I take things seriously.

What does that mean? Well here’s a peek at what it means for me:

  • It means I’m able to create safe space for women to talk about the tough stuff that happens in their lives. 
  • It means I’m standing tall in the belief that we hold the beauty of life in one hand and the grief of life in the other. 
  • It means I’m able to hold space when someone shares a story that comes from the guts, from their heart. 
  • It means I invite others to honor the messy, hard stuff and still seek the joy. 
  • It means I let myself feel all the feelings when navigating through my own life. 
  • It means I’ve come to understand that walking through the woods alone and pausing to take five deep breaths in the middle of my day supports me and helps me listen and make sense of things.

It’s why I do the work I do.

This realization that being serious is a superpower has helped me to show up as me and helped me to find my kindreds who see me for me. And here’s the important piece: They really see me because I let them.

When I show up as me, I shed those old stories around what “being serious” means and move from a more confident and grounded place. In many ways it is a more vulnerable place but it’s also filled with a lot more joy.

And I’m learning how to set boundaries about what I do and do not want to do when my introvert buttons get pushed. Leading my own retreats? Yes. Being the room parent at my daughters school? Nope. Volunteering to help in the classroom? Yes (from time to time). Organizing a big party for her 5th birthday complete with homemade activities even though I’m thought of as the crafty mom? Nope. And how the list goes on.

I’m finding my way. I’m learning how to listen to what I need and what I know so that I can still show up as me as best as I can in certain situations. And I’m resisting the temptation to judge and compare and instead hold space for all of us to show up as ourselves. 

This piece is always a work in progress, which is one of the many reasons I’m glad that Susan has launched this Quiet Revolution.  

There is space for everyone, for all of our quirks and strengths. Yes.

So come over and join the Quiet Revolution. It’s an online community created to connect and empower introverts around the world. You can join the community and get a free copy of The Power of Introverts: 9 Best-Love Stores by Susan Cain.

Quiet Revolution is a mission-based company whose goal is to unlock the power of introverts for the benefit of all. With your help, we hope to inspire all personality types to embrace their quiet strengths and create a world where introverts are celebrated for their valuable contributions and, more importantly, for who they are.

GlobeIn Artisan Box

liz lamoreux

Recently, GlobeIn sent over one of their Artisan boxes and asked if I'd share a review about it here on my blog.

Moments like this are when I really do think to myself, "Best job ever."

When the adorable little basket arrived, I waited to open it with Ellie, because I knew she would love seeing what was inside.

And right from the start I want to tell you one of my unexpected favorite parts of this subscription box: No unnecessary packaging. They really are standing behind their mission to build a more positive world, and one way is by having less of an impact on the environment.

Everything that came in the box was tucked sweetly inside the basket with a tote bag folded underneath. And what was inside was a little feast for the senses with rice (complete with a coconut rice recipe), lip balm, delicious cacao nibs, and a little bamboo bowl. The tote bag is the perfect size for groceries or packages to take to the post office and books to and from the library (which is probably how I'll be using it).

As we looked at what was inside, Ellie and I might have had to talk about how the stuff inside was really for me, like my own Kiwi Crate box, and that she could help me open it all but that it wouldn't be going in her room. Though we're scheming up fun things to keep in the basket, from hair bows to notes that list things we're happy about. And I've agreed that yes, she can eat the rice and use the bowl. (Insert that wink smiley face emoji here.)

A little information about the GlobeIn Artisan Box. It's a subscription box where each month you receive a themed collection of artisan­-made products from around the world. The products are often organic, fair­ trade, and support artisans and farmers from around the world. Each box also includes stories about the origin of the products product as well as the stories of the artisans and farmers. This special touch of including the stories makes me so happy.

And these stories gave me an unexpected opportunity to talk with Ellie about what it means to buy handmade from people around the world. Because of my business and my studio in our backyard, she already understands that some people go to work to make things by hand for other people, but explaining how we can positively impact the world when we purchase handmade items wasn't a conversation I'd really had with her yet. She was so interested in reading the stories in the little booklet and learning more about the people who made these items that were now sitting on our kitchen table. It was awesome.

Here's the thing, when you have the chance to review something, you hope you'll really like it and you want to be able to be honest in your review. I want to share the products I love here in this space. The products I would gift to my own mom, to my closest friends, that I would want myself. And I'm pretty much hoping that Jon gets me a subscription to the Artisan Box for Mother's Day. For real. (Honey, this is a big hint.)

Special just for you: If you want to gift yourself or someone else a subscription to the Artisan Box, you can use coupon code LIZ for 25% off a 3-month (or longer) subscription! 

Please note: GlobeIn gifted me one Artisan Box in exchange for this review. This post is not sponsored by them and the opinions shared are my own. Links throughout are affiliate, which means I receive a small commission if you choose to purchase anything through these links. Photo at the top of this post provided by GlobeIn.

current great.ly favorites

liz lamoreux

print by Colour Moon over on Great.ly

I keep meaning to tell you that I'm curating some awesome handmade goods over on Great.ly, which is a site where makers and tastemakers can connect. Even though I'm actually a maker, I'm using the site with my "tastemaker" hat on, which is the one I wear as that person who has more than 3 million Pinterest followers. (Still seems crazy to type that.)

As a Great.ly tastemaker, I curate my own little storefront of handmade goods I love and then share them with my peeps. When a love match is made between the maker and the buyer, Great.ly gives me a small commission. This has been a fun way for me to find new artists and curate products in a different way.

Here are a few of my current favorites:

This ring from Marja Germans Gard Studio looks like a crystal but is really made from recycled silver. Gorgeous.

Cats are my bag from Xenotees. Because dude, cat things are really in and this bag is adorbs and if my mom and Jon weren't super allergic to cats, we'd totally have one. I gave Jon one of their tees (different design) a few years ago for Christmas. We're fans.

The Love + Salt Beach Mist by Olivine Atelier is currently in my shopping cart. It just looks awesome. And sometimes you just need to pretend you're at the beach.

So no surprise that I love this terarrium by Sea & Asters. I'm obsessed with anything involving an air plant these days. 

This make your own kangaroo kit is adorable. I actually have one that's a dinosaur that I'm starting soon. It looks pretty darn doable.

Hope you have fun exploring Great.ly. Lots of new (to me) makers over there creating the coolest things!

a peek into my curvy closet | an ode to my new jeans

liz lamoreux

Oh long and lean jeans how I have been waiting to find someone like you.

You have the perfect trouser-ish look. You fit comfortably at the waist without gapping in the back. You have just enough stretch but you don't stretch and stretch each time I wear you. Your rise is just right. You are soft and my favorite color for jeans. You hug my curves without trying to get too intimate with them. You're perfect for a day in the studio or even for date night.

But most of all you just make me feel good.

The Long and Lean Jeans from Gap are my new favorite favorite favorite. There are so many skinny and boyfriend jeans out there right now, and they can be cute on curvy girls BUT I've missed all the pairs of trouser jeans I've gotten rid of over the years when the thighs gave out...you know what I mean, right? I wish I'd used this tutorial (this is a video on Pinterest that starts playing when you click on it). But I digress...

I actually bought two pairs. One in the short length and one in the regular length and I bought them at two different waist sizes (these are sized in "European sizes"). My experience with these is that they are a bit longer than regular jeans, but I also find that jean length varies so much. So often a larger size means longer even though there isn't always a correlation. I kept them both because I actually loved the way both sizes fit. The larger size was a bit big and too long, so I turned them inside out and washed them on hot. For real. They are still about 1/2" too long when I wear them with my higher shoes, so I'm going to try one more wash and dry on high and then I'll use this method to shorten them if need. I'm about 5'5" and I'm wearing the short length above. So the short even works even with my clogs on, but I won't be drying these because I don't want them any shorter. 

This look is my current favorite from the studio to school pick up to grocery store to curled up with a book look.

The shirt is also from Gap (looks like only S is still available; similar here and here and cute plus tee here). The shoes are Dansko and the feather necklace is from my shop. The sweater is Kersh, but I could not find an online store that carries it. Similar looks here and an Eileen Fisher splurge version here. One day soon I'm going to write a post all about my love for Eileen Fisher. 

I'm planning on doing more of these outfit posts and oh my goodness I need to find a spot to take these photos - thinking Ellie and I might go on a scouting drip around Tacoma this weekend looking for spots. Vanessa Simpson of Focus in Photography took this one when she was over shooting some things for me, and I couldn't stop laughing. Good times. 

Note some of these links are affiliates, which means I receive a small commission when you click through and buy something from that shop.

creative adventures :: kiwi crate

liz lamoreux


Over here, we continue to be totally delighted by the kits from Kiwi Crate. We've been subscribing to their monthly crate for about two years now, and each month, Ellie's face lights up when she sees her name on the big green box. (Love that the kits are addressed right to the kids.)

Each month there's a new theme and this past month the theme was baking. We both said it might be our favorite box yet! Though we're also big fans of the Rainforest Kit, which includes this Rainforest Frog Game. The Pom Pom pets are maybe our ultimate favorite though. Ellie and Jon still make them from time to time. (I've started giving the Mini Kits for birthday gifts now that Ellie is in school and birthdays pop up every few weeks.)

If you follow me over on Instagram, you've probably seen peeks of the boxes each month, and I thought I'd share a bit more. What I like about Kiwi Crate is the kit includes everything you need to complete the two projects inside (there are also ideas for other projects to do around the theme too in the little "magazine" that's included). 

Ellie and I do craft together a lot and she plays with beads and other things in my studio while I work sometimes, but I'm not really one of those moms who can look at popsicle sticks, beads, and pipe cleaners and say, "You know what we should do today? We should use all of these things to BUILD A CASTLE!!!" Not so much. (Maybe there aren't a lot of moms like that, but doesn't Pinterest make you feel that way sometimes? A whole post about that coming soon.)

Which is why I love kits like this one. (And that's why I only pin crafts I feel like I can actually do to my "creative fun with EJ" Pinterest board.)

The kits are also perfect for Ellie and Jon to do together. Sometimes a kit has a science theme, which makes him super happy, and they often do one of the projects in the kits when I'm away at a retreat. (Though he's really the true crafty one. Did I tell you about the coat and hat he made for her stuffed turtle while I was away at my last retreat? Seriously!)

These kits give us a great weekend afternoon activity, and the completed projects are fun to get out, especially on rainy days. Over the last two years, it has been really fun to see Ellie grow as she's gone from being able to do some of the kit to doing almost all of it herself. The company that makes Kiwi Crate also now has kits for older kids too. Love that! I pretty much want to subscribe to the Tinker Crate for me (for reals).

Do you do any crafty kits like this with you kids? I'd love to add another subscription or other kits to the mix over here. Share in the comments so we can all learn from each other.

Note: This post is not sponsored by Kiwi Crate, but links throughout are affiliate.

love this :: scoutmob favorites

liz lamoreux

For a few weeks now, I've been curating my favorites from Shoppe by Scoutmob over on Pinterest. Shoppe by Scoutmob is an awesome site that supports makers by giving them a platform to sell a handful of their goods. It is full of gorgeous, fun handmade items. Here are a few of my current favorites:

The Hanging Air Plant Terrarium Kit by Makerskit looks awesome! I'm in love with air plants (read all about my adventures with them here). This kit would be a great gift for just about anyone in your life. 

The Deer Antler necklace by PeachTreeLane is unique and so beautiful. Love it. (I also love the Birds on a Wire necklace by Metamorphis Metals.)

The Original Baconkit by 7th West Charcuterie is literally a DIY bacon kit. This is beyond awesomesauce for the bacon enthusiast in your life.

Cold Brew Coffee Kit by Coffee Sock Co. Cold brew coffee is my new favorite thing; it's a lot less acidic and makes my body happier. I'm buying it at a local market and making it at home. (Meg shared a great DIY last year.) This kit is awesome and the perfect gift for the coffee connoisseur in your life. (I'm also really tempted to try this Highbrow Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate.)

The Johnny Cash quote print by Hey There Design is one I can't stop sharing on Pinterest because I just want everyone to read it. When asked about his description of paradise, he said, "This morning with her having coffee." Dude. I am smitten. I have to admit that I became a Johnny Cash fan only in the last few years. I missed out on really "getting" him when he was alive. I'm now in love. His music. His story. And this quote. Yes.

(Not pictured) The Leather iPhone Earbud Keeper by Stock & Barrel is an awesome stocking stuffer and something I totally need because I always get my earbuds tangled (not to mention that I just drop them whenever I'm done and I can't ever find them). They look beautifully made.

After putting this together, I realized that I shared several kits. There is so much more over on Scoutmob, but these are such unique and fun gifts. As an adult, we rarely have that joy of a "toy" to actually play with on Christmas Day. The kits mentioned are each things that the recipients could dive into during the holiday season so they could exercise that creative longing inside them. I love that. (There's even a DIY cheese kit and all you need is milk! And a gin kit! )

Note: The links above are affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission when you explore Shoppe through these links.