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we practice

liz lamoreux

EJ paints sept 15

Ellie Jane paints

I watch her practice as she stacks blocks, when she organizes her bows, when she sees what happens when she gently pets our dog or uses a new word or pours water back and forth from cup to cup in the bath. She is practicing how to move through the world, cause and effect, and how to interact with other living creatures. She is practicing being human. Practicing is her path.

Somewhere along the way so many of us decide that focusing on what we are good at (or told we are good at) has more value than practicing what interests us or even listening to the deep longings within to slow down, to write, to paint, to sit in the quiet and breathe. We let go of the space practicing creates and fill it with "to dos" and the things we must learn.

But this is not the way of the two year old. I see my daughter's curiosity appear as thought bubbles above her head. "What will happen if I dip the yellow paint right into the orange?" "I am going to makes lots of blue dots now." There is no fear of making the painting "too muddy" or "too busy" or "too colorful," there is only color + water + possibility.

As Kelly and I begin the Chickadee Road Studio Sessions today, I'm thinking about how powerful it is to circle with women who are open to cultivating a practice again. Who want to find out what happens when they dip the paintbrush into the orange paint. Women who are ready to let go of what they are supposed to be doing for a little while and spend time with what their hearts are asking them to do.

There is still time to join us. Registration will be open through Tuesday. Find out more here.