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thoughts on a rainy monday night.

liz lamoreux

new all dressed up necklaces in the shop

i am so thankful that yesterday included sunshine so i could take photos of my new creations...before the (supposed) ten days of rain began today. ten days of rain. i am hoping the sun will decide to show up in the midst of it all as spring just doesn't quite seem like spring without some sun peppered in here and there.

lately, i have been realizing (or maybe a better word is acknowledging) that this crazy, wonderful life i lead needs some more organization. more than just the house stuff i am always in the midst of (or...ahem...ignoring). organization in the "to do" today/this week/this month sort of way. i need to be able to check things off.

i am wondering, do any of you use an online organizer? or do you find the binder organizers are a better way to go? i use the computer so much with all the job hats i wear, that an online organizer seems to make sense (and [she writes as she rolls her eyes at herself] i fear i might misplace a binder in the chaos that is the messy.ness of this home).

and since i am asking questions, i would also love to know what you are listening to these days. i am heading across the country in a week and would love some new tunes (or books or podcasts) to download to my iPod.

hope things are beautiful in your corner of the world...