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i'll tumble for ya...

liz lamoreux


patchwork in progress . june 6 2009

been having some fun with patchwork lately...thinking this is going to be my first "quilt" in the form of a blanket to take on the picnics i have planned in my head for this summer. might even try my hand at seam binding for the first time. also thinking about making some patchwork aprons as i have been having fun with a custom apron (that the dear customer ordered so many months ago...thank goodness for the kind patience of others) that includes some happy patchwork.

this evening, i realized that i forgot to mention that i will keep the giveaway post comments open until friday morning. i am having so much fun exploring the blogs you all have been sharing in those comments. thanks for all the great links!

so the title of this post. yep. can't get that culture club song out of my head because i started a new tumblr blog and everytime i log into the site, that song (or should i say the chorus of that song as i know no other lines) just starts playing on repeat in my brain.

in the last couple of weeks, i noticed a couple of craft bloggers mentioning tumblr, so i went to check out the site. i suddenly found myself starting one as i have been wanting a spot to simply hold all the goodness i find as i travel here and there on the internet. i had been using notepad documents but then i would forget which one had which link i wanted. tumblr makes posting so very easy and fast (would be a perfect first blog for someone who is not so much web/computer savvy), so i found that i couldn't resist. it will be interesting to see how this works and if it is as easy as it seems. so far so good...

i have decided to call this new spot bring on the joy...it is a place for links to blogs, photographs, people inspiring me, fashiony things, quotes, and so on. might be some cross-posting over here as this will probably be a placeholder for some notes for the journey and a few (really) good things. i will also post photos of what i am up to in the studio and of other things inspiring me in my world that for whatever reason might not quite make their way over here.

okay, that's all for tonight...tune in tomorrow for another nine interview...

i have some singing and dancing to do now...