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inner excavate-along: week 7, chapter 7

Welcome to Week 7, the final week of our Inner Excavate-along adventure!

This week is all about "putting it together" along with reflecting on ways to continue to work and play with the practices shared in Inner Excavation.

In the video, I encourage you to find inspiration in the examples and prompts in Chapter 7 and create a portfolio for your inner excavation work if you haven’t already made a journal or similar container. I also share the story behind the poem “April 18” from my poetry collection Five Days in April.

I truly believe these practices are prompts you can turn to again and again in your life to help you be present to this moment and continue to excavate your stories and the wisdom within you. Think about what prompts you will continue to work with and why. Write them down and share your reasons in the comments if you feel moved to do so today.

As Inner Excavate-along participant Melinda wrote in a comment this past weekend as she mentioned that she is a bit behind in moving through the book, “Part of my inner exploration is to learn to enjoy the journey and process of my projects and not be in such a rush to tick the checkbox to say it's complete. There is no deadline for one's own inner excavation, but it's about spending quality time in discovery of who I am and what I can become if I take the time to explore and take it all in.




A few of you have written me asking about how we can continue to stay in touch as a group and share our stories inspired by this work. A few ideas:

  • Stay connected through the Inner Excavation Flickr group. It will be around indefinitely and you can continue to post (I’ve posted a few new guidelines to help the group continue to run smoothly as newcomers join in).
  • Create a local Inner Excavation read-along. Share the book and the prompts with your kindreds (or make it your excuse to meet kindreds). I’m going to create a special thread for this in our Flickr discussion board. Also, creating a PDF for groups is on my “to-do” list.
  • Invite other online friends to join in to keep growing our community. I'm creating a new newsletter/email list that will allow others to start the Inner Excavate-along at the beginning (the posts will remain on my blog, but this will send them reminders and other good things). 
  • If you want to continue to play with poetry in a safe, supportive environment, come along for the next session of Poem It Out. It is a five-week adventure into the world of reading and writing poetry that begins July 30.
  • And if you are feeling called to play with paint, photography, and poetry in person with a group of like-minded souls in an environment similar to the one that has been created during our read-along, consider coming to the Unearth Retreat this fall.

And remember, these practices are always here for you. There is no need to worry about "getting to the end" as we are not perfecting something. We are living deeply and sharing our stories as we walk side-by-side.

I look forward to hearing about your favorite prompts in the comments today. And please feel free to ask any questions as you finish reading Chapter 7. The next read-along post will be on Thursday when we have our final show and tell.

May your week unfold with beauty and joy...

Update: The Inner Excavate-along was a free read-along on my blog in the summer of 2012. All the posts are here on the blog, but I'm not directing a group through it with newsletters etc. at this time. I hope you enjoy following along! Find out more about my book, Inner Excavation: Explore Your Self Through Photography, Poetry and Mixed Mediahere.

Reader Comments (1)

Some of the prompts/ideas from your book that have really resonated with me are:
1. the senses. Since the first week or two when I read this my eyes have been opened in new ways.
2. the collaboration. I have wanted to start a group here in my home but have been steadfastly ignoring those nudges. Why? I don't know. But now I have no excuse to put it off. The photo collaborations from last week, the portraits and the senses, were both very very interesting and I will do them again.
3. painting & creating collage. Just getting my art supplies out of the closet today is a BIG DEAL for me, believe it or not. I had them hidden away for a long time. Now they are out in plain sight where I will see them every day and use them over time.
I most definitely will be going back to this book repeatedly and using the prompts.

Thank you for all that you have done.

July 23, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterDeborah

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