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inner excavate-along: share your stories (chapter 6)

Welcome to our "show and tell" day where you are invited to share your responses to the prompts in Chapter 6 of Inner Excavation

I've loved reading your comments in Monday's post about how you create space for creative connections. Now, I'd love to know: What small move toward connection did you make this week? Did you invite someone else into your creative world and write a poem or collaborate on a painting? Did you decide to work with a prompt from Chapter 6 or are you continuing with another chapter at this point? Please share your experiences and links in the comments. 

Today, I am delighted to share a "Senses Collaboration" with you. My friend Meghan joined me and we set some simple guidelines for ourselves: iPhone photos, letting go of perfect, and that it would be totally okay to use photos from our recent archives (instead of taking all new photos).

I love how these photos feel like letters or postcards we are sending to one another. Almost like visual poems. Thanks for joining me Meghan!

Who: Liz :: Meghan
Where/When: Summer 2012






And know


A bit about Meghan: Meghan Davidson is a psychologist, photographer, and writer. A personal health crisis a few years ago woke her up, encouraging her to engage more fully and creatively in life. In addition to digital photography, Meghan particularly enjoys film as a medium, particularly working with Polaroids. Currently, Meghan is in the middle of a 365 Photography Project in which she is shooting photos each and every day for one year. You can follow along in her 365 journey, as well as read her blog, Life Refocused, at www.meghandavidson.com. Meghan can also be found on Instagram and Twitter at @meghandavidson.


Giveaway winners: Jenn and Leanne, you are the winners of a copy of Inner Excavation. Please send me an email so I can pass on your address to my publisher. :)

And a note about next week: Next week we explore the last chapter of Inner Excavation. In the book, Chapter 7 is about ways to put your photography, poetry, and other creations together in a journal, book, blog, or other personal "porfolio" of sorts. Many of you are already doing this through your Inner Excavate-along journals. Next week will explore Chapter 7 but the read-along posts will also be about continuing to work through the prompts in the book at your pace. This might mean going back to a previous chapter and playing with a prompt you didn't have time for or continuing to work with a prompt you really enjoyed. It could mean creating a smaller journal to house the photography you've taken or a place to put the poems you hope to write in the future. I will share mroe ideas on Monday

On Monday, I will also share about ways to continue this work and my thoughts around how these exercises can become part of a personal creative/meditative practice that you can draw from throughout your life.

Again, thank you for coming along...

Sending many blessings to you today,


Update: The Inner Excavate-along was a free read-along on my blog in the summer of 2012. All the posts are here on the blog, but I'm not directing a group through it with newsletters etc. at this time. I hope you enjoy following along! Find out more about my book, Inner Excavation: Explore Your Self Through Photography, Poetry and Mixed Mediahere.

Reader Comments (6)

When I read about collaborating with others in Chapter 6, it was as though a very big voice was telling me, "OKAY, now do you see what I'm trying to tell you????" I've been wanting to do more creating with other friends, been nudged to do so, and have been avoiding the nudge. Don't ask my why, 'cause I don't know why. But chapter 6 is all I needed to push me forward.
I called my dear friend and asked if she would do a photo shoot with me and she said yes. It was a beautiful, although scary experience, and I know we have drawn closer together as friends. More collaborative efforts are in the works, too. I did write a blog post about our photo shoot, which you can read here: http://www.deborahtisch.com/2012/07/i-see-you.html

July 19, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterDeborah

So thrilled to be invited into your space today. This was fun and I love to think that we sent visual postcards to one another. Hope we do it again. xoxo

Beautiful collaboration. It looks like a poem.

July 19, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterCelina

Liz, thank you for the creative collaboration ideas in Chapter 6. These were incredibly helpful to me. I began a poetry-and-photography communication with a friend. And I'm in the process of a senses photo sharing with another. Thanks for the push! But what was most fun this week was an impromptu photo session with my husband: Photo Session with Mark

July 19, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJoy

Deborah and I are doing a Senses Collaboration on Saturday, to compare our days in two very different places on the planet. We'll post them Sat. evening or Sunday. I love the combination above - so simple but so clearly felt, the difference in yours and Meghan's day. It's busy here in my neck of the woods and I'd like to finish some of my collage work from Ch. 5 to share in Flickr, so that will be my next goal after this collaboration on Saturday.

July 19, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterRose

Liz, this was my favorite week. I shared the challenge with my daughter and her daughter. My daughter and I did the photo challenge together. http://alteredbyamber.blogspot.com/2012/07/open-close-2-views.html & http://extravagantpurse.blogspot.com/2012/07/open-and-closed.html My granddaughter and I did the Poetry challenge which I will post tomorrow evening. Now the three of us are going to pick a theme and do the Photo Challenge again! Thanks Liz. My daughter was the one who originally told me about your book.

July 20, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterPaula S White

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